• 99.7% less effect on global warming by newly developed air conditioning refrigerant

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    We all know how harmful cooling ourselves from the heat outside by subjecting our bodies to that pleasant stream of cool air from an air conditioner can be to the environment. Things are changing for the better. The air conditioner might not be such an environment stabber in the future, thanks to this new development. A new AC refrigerant has been developed, with 99.7% lower global warming potential than the ones used currently in AC systems. Refrigerants used in car air conditioners at times leak, causing harm. So, General Motors will in future use a new refrigerant, HFO-1234yf, developed by Honeywell Fluorine Products that breaks down faster than the currently used R-134a refrigerant.

    Unlike the 13 years taken for the previously used R-134a refrigerant to disappear from our atmosphere, the HFO-1234yf takes just 11 days. Hopefully, carmakers around the word follow GM’s lead and take up the use of the HFO-1234yf air conditioner refrigerant.

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