• 8 Green Apps for Eco-Conscious People

  • A careful and responsible attitude to the environment is a growing trend today. In the 21st century, it can’t be otherwise. We will not enumerate all those environmental problems that exist nowadays. You read about them, watch documentaries, and hear from everywhere. If you decided to join the ranks of people who choose a green lifestyle, then kudos to you. There are a lot of sources at your disposal, including mobile apps that are always at hand. Unfortunately, they can’t sort the trash yet, but they can increase your environmental awareness and facilitate your green lifestyle. Here is a list of apps recommended for downloading.

    This app rates products in terms of their social, environmental, and health impacts. It reads the barcodes of different products using a phone camera and analyzes the ingredients. Its current database already contains 70,000 rated items that vary from toys to skin care products. Using this app, you can avoid buying non-eco-friendly goods.

    Green Genie
    As it has been noted in the beginning, most apps have an informative function. Their aim is to educate and introduce you to eco-conscious lifestyle. Green Genie is one of those apps. It provides you with the tips on how to be more eco-friendly. There is a glossary of green terms to put you in the picture and essential literature for reading. A separate feature of the app is dedicated to plastics and recycling.

    Carbon Tracker
    Are you worried about your carbon footprint? Based on GPS, this app keeps track of your movement and calculates your carbon emissions. You can sort the calculations by month and see how you work on decreasing your CO2 footprint.

    You still find junk mail in your box? Does it offend and disappoint your green spirit? PaperKarma is just for you. Using this app, you can and are encouraged to take photos of junk mail. The photos should include your name, address and the information about the sender. After that, people behind the app contact the sender on your behalf asking to stop wasting paper on junk mail.

    Green Gas Saver
    This app teaches you to be a better driver and helps you save on fuel. If you accelerate sharply or turn intensely, the app notifies you through gauges and specific sounds. The data from each of your trip is kept so you can control your improvement.

    Carma Carpooling
    Available in the USA, this app helps you find people for carpooling. Its advantage is that it eliminates the question of money for gas. Before you start searching for companions, you need to top up your app account since the fee for every member of the pool is 20 cents per mile.

    Green Me
    If you are a novice at “green” lifestyle, this app will be useful for you as it will help you keep track of your “green” deeds. It features a calendar where you should write down the eco-friendly things you did during a day. The more things you did, the more intensive the shade of green for that date is.

    Green Charging
    We don’t even imagine how much energy we can save by unplugging our devices right after they are fully charged. This app prevents the excessive usage of energy by vibration and sound signal that warn you the battery is full. It helps you save energy that is consumed after your device is charged.
    If you date real woman online and she is an eco-conscious person, these apps will help you understand her lifestyle better and join her in it. It’s important that partners have similar views on the things that matter.

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