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    Eco Friendly train that never makes a stop

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    A Taiwanese inventor has come up with a very Eco Friendly Train system that reduces its environmental impact and increases its efficiency. The idea consists of a “train” racing through a station, at its top velocity of 85 kilometers per hour speed, it rarely averages and if so then it’s somewhere at 35kmph. But instead of a well timed leap or the use of specially trained train pushers, passengers will only need to enter a “boarding” car, which is put in motion ahead of the train’s arrival. After the rear of the traveling train catches up, the boarding car attaches itself to the rest of the boarding cars.

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    Airlines look for options to keep costs down

    The next horror film could be based on a trip to the gas station, imagine that! We all know of how much it pains our hearts to burn precious fuel as we go about dealing with the most gas guzzling task in the entire world, TRAFFIC! Well that’s what we have to deal with now compare your car woes to a fleet of jets in an airlines nest and you’ll know what the pains of an airline are. Considering that 25% of an airlines cost of operations goes into just filling it up with gas, it isn’t surprising to know of airlines going bankrupt in the near future. Southwest Airlines however doesn’t have that problem the low-cost, no frills, peanuts (or pretzels) only airline has been fuel conscious for years. The Texas-based carrier buys its fuel years in advance. The company orders its Boeing 737’s with drag-reducing, energy-saving upswept wing tips and now it’s reportedly hosing down the insides of its jet engines for smoother air flow and better fuel economy. But it still doesn’t really help the other airlines much, jet engines, are one of the fuel hungriest machines ever devised by man. With so much invested in jets it’s hard to imagine the airlines as well as the aircraft manufacturers switching to something else in the name of customer comfort. The Airlines are left with two options to save them from going extinct.

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    DOE awards $30Million for 3year research in Plug-in hybrid electric car

    DOE.jpg The average price for regular gasoline in the United States should peak at $4.15 per gallon in August and to average $3.78 per gallon for the year. Diesel fuel prices are projected to remain near the June 2 price of $4.71 per gallon over the next few months, with an average price of $4.32 per gallon for the year. Ford, General Motors and General Electric will split $30 million to develop and demonstrate Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles research projects over the next three years.

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    15,000 Plastic bottle raft sets sail for Hawaii

    plastic_bottels.jpg A lot of the plastic bottles we consume either end up in land fills or are sadly disposed off into the sea. But since most of us live inland we are unaware of the magnitude at which bottles are disposed of into the sea. A raft build from over 15,000 plastic bottles set sail from Long Beach, CA on Sunday with the intended destination of Hawaii. The trip is expected to last 6 weeks, and was planned to raise awareness around plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean, a problem that has recently surfaced in the media. Due to ocean currents, a large area of plastic waste (twice the size of the United States) has collected in the Pacific.

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