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    Eco-friendly Zero S Electric Supermoto bike

    Asia had the biggest number of two-wheelers hence amounting for a huge amount of pollution in that zone. Now with so many alternatives, that could be one of the least-polluted areas on earth. Zero S Electric Supermoto is an all-electric motorcycle, designed for street use and can go up to 60 miles at a maximum speed of 60 miles per hr. the best thing is that this will charge up completely in just 4 hours. It has a magnet electric motor which is able to develop 62.5 fl-lbs torque and 31 HP, and a lithium ion battery array of 4kW.

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    TerraCycle to reduce waste by reusing Mars candy wrappers

    TerraCycle, known to reuse thrown away wrappers and put them into something useful has tied up with Mars Inc to reuse packaging from Snickers, Altoids, Big Red and other Mars’ food, drink, candy, gum and dog food products. TerraCycle will use both surplus and used packaging from the products with Mars sponsoring collection brigades for its packaging waste which will then be ‘upcycled’ into products like cell phone holders, laptop sleeves and messenger bags.

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    Microbe-Powered ‘Fart’ Machine Stores Energy

    This is hilarious. I understand using cow dung as an alternative form of fuel but ‘fart’!? Ok it isn’t literally but that’s what it is called. This is a new microbe-powered electrical farting machine that could improve fuel cell technology by turning C02 in the atmosphere into methane. It is used to help store alternative energies such as wind and solar more efficiently. It works by giving small jolts of electricity to single-celled microorganisms known as archea prompts them to remove C02 from the air and turn it into methane, released as tiny “farts”. The methane, in turn, can be used to power fuel cells or to store the electrical energy chemically until its needed.

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    World’s largest electric powered Newton truck to be released

    Not just cars, even big trucks now. Going green, I mean. UK-based Smith Electric Vehicles is going to make the world’s largest battery-electric-powered truck at a new plant in Kansas City, Missouri. The truck called Newton will be able to cruise at a top speed of 50mph, carry up to eight tons in weight and go on for up to 150 miles on a single charge. It will have a wheelbase of 3.9 meters and a turning radius of 14.15 meters.

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    World’s biggest solar powered ship circumnavigation

    France’s PlanetSolar is planning to design the biggest solar run ship in the world. The solar-powered catamaran or a multi-hulled ship is on the drawing board of a project taken by PlanetSolar using Autodesk’s digital prototyping technology. The ship will travel around the globe beginning in 2010. It is still in design stage but the project’s goal is to navigate around the world at an average speed of 10 knots. The vessel will be built by the Knierim Yacht Club of Kiel, Germany and will be operated by two sailors. The boat will also be able to accommodate more than 50 people during the planned publicity stops at various ports.

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    Liv Inizio by EV Innovations readies for New York Auto Show

    An all-electric sports car Liv Inizio will make its debut entry at the 2009 New York auto show. Made by EV Innovations, formerly called Hybrid Technologies. The new car has a 200-mile range and goes from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds. The top speed is 150 mph. The car also uses a lithium ion battery pack for power and has a recharge time of about 8 hours. A touch-screen LCD in the cabin displays trip information such as remaining range. The smart car uses battery management technology that the company uses to offer electric conversions of existing cars including Toyota Yaris, Smart ForTwo, PT Cruiser, and Mini Cooper, and original cars and two-wheelers.

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    Romag’s PowerPark to use solar power to charge electric cars

    Romag Holdings has discovered a solar powered canopy that will be a recharge bay for electric cars in open-air car parks! They use a system called the PowerPark that will have a panel of PowerGlaz photovoltaic modules standing above a car parking bay which will generate electricity to charge electric vehicles. Places the company is going to target are air ports, stations, supermarkets, shopping complexes, offices and public buildings that will encourage people to use electric vehicles and hence save the environment from collapsing under the hands of tech-thirsty humans.

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    Sharp to introduce improved new solar power generating systems

    Sharp will soon release in Japan the Residential Solar Power Generation Systems compatible with the Rooftop Design. Means as compared with the current model of solar power generators, this new one will be able to adjust to flexible roof tops hence acquiring more power. They will also offer more designs, cost variations and installed system output.

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    Piaggio’s latest hybrid three wheeled scooter is all set for Europe

    Green is in and so are three wheeled scooters! And folks in Italy as well as Spain can zip past their cities from summer onwards on Piaggio’s latest hybrid scooter with three wheels. This new hybrid version of its MP3 three-wheeled vehicle can run for 12 miles by feeding on electricity only. However the single cylinder, 250cc gas-powered engine will render the necessary support in dire times. Rider can squeeze out 40 miles per gallon at low speeds. Also more green power will be juiced out of the regenerative braking system. The lithium ion battery pack can charge up full within four hours only.

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    Recycling oil rigs into hotels and spa

    Morris Architects took home the first prize as well as $10,000 for the concept of adaptive reuse for converting oil rigs into hotels and spa. To understand this innovation, a background understanding of oil rigs is necessary. There are about 4000 oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico which are of various sizes that will be decommissioned sometime in the next century. The primary method of removal is explosion. But this method poses a serious threat to the aquatic life. Morris Architects saw an opportunity in this. The Houston office of Morris Architects conceived this plan for a high-end, self-sufficient, eco-friendly hotel experience.

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