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    Bangkok could soon have solar powered, energy efficient and quicker tuk-tuks

    6.jpgYou’ve probably come across a tuk-tuk or a rickshaw on a visit to East Asian countries. A while ago, we stumbled upon solar powered rickshaws in India and a wind-powered one in Nepal. Well, Bangkok’s three wheeled contraptions get their share of renewable energy use. Tuk-tuks get their name from the noise made by the earlier models, and that’s exactly what the people of Bangkok love calling their 8,000 rickshaws. Colored brightly, these eye-catching modes of transport drink a lot though, gulping down those precious gallons of gasoline and natural gas. Now these rickshaws do look somewhat rustic, but give them a bit of solar powered glory, and they’ll go all 21st century like. Air Marshal Morakot Charnsomruad came up with his own solar powered version of the tuk-tuk which has grabbed a lot of attention.

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    Tallest Towers in New York go green with retrofitting

    The Big Apple is getting a facelift, environmentally speaking, and is going from dangerous red, to clean green. To start with, the cities two tallest sky scrapers will go green, with retro-fitting. The second tallest building, the Bank of America, last week won the platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council, the first commercial building of its kind to ever do so. Completed in 2008 at a cost of $2 million, the building, 54-story high, uses a 4.6-megawatt power generation plant and is self sustained. It was also made out of 87% recycled materials with concrete from 45% recycled content. This tower at One Bryant Park co-owned by Durst Organization, saves 8 million to 9 million gallons of water every year with rainwater capturing, water recycling, and waterless urinals. Also New York’s tallest building, the Empire State Building is aiming for the green stamp, with retro-fitting since last year, to reduce energy usage by 38%. The Big Apple is destined for a green horizon.

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    ReCellular recycles millions of cell phones reducing e-waste by 1.6 million pounds

    ReCellular, a cell phone recycling company, recycled 5 million cell phones last year and reduced e-waste landfills by 1.6 million pounds which included 600,000 pounds of hazardous materials. Though this is a very minor contribution to solving the e-waste problem, which is already very huge and is expected to grow 4-5 times over the next 10 years in countries like India and China, many other companies are joining in to do their share of recycling. Morever, recycling e-waste also leads to reclamation of many precious metals such as copper, silver and gold which are used in circuit boards. If a larger number of electronic equipment is recycled, it could reduce the amount of these metals to be extracted by mining, thus preserving ecological balance.

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    Telesom introduces solar powered cell phones in Somaliland.

    Aware of the fact that 80% of the population of Somaliland lives in areas with either unreliable or no access to electricity, Telesom, one of the leading telecom operators of the country, has introduced solar powered mobile systems. Farah Sugal, Innovation Director, said that although Telesom had a huge customer base in rural areas, many were frustrated because they had to send their mobile phones to big towns or cities just for the sole purpose of recharging. Citing this problem, Telesom introduced solar rechargeable handsets at a very affordable of cost of only $30-U.S. Dollars. Telesom, one of the most respected names of the country, had also been the first company to introduce mobile banking services for the people.

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    WT Hotels have Eco-Tech rooms for you

    We have seen many intelligently and environment sensitively structured buildings in the past, but for the first time a home décor has also been equally thoughtfully planned and decorated. An amalgamation of nature and technology, the WT Hotel project is a partnership between Well Tech Studio and many other material partners that has led to the creation of the eco-friendly cum high tech room. The outcome is a smart window that can be dimmed with liquid crystal, electrochromic and suspended devices, thus ignoring the need for traditional curtains. Touch screen controls are available to change the mood of their room via Jonas Samson designed LED embedded wallpaper, with entertainment offered with BRAVIA series Sony displays.
    [Core77 ]

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    Renault Picnic zero-emission car for urban landscapes

    Renault has come up with the design of a zero-emission concept car that is ideal for picnic gatherings. The company plans to make it like an urban furniture where people can sit around and have fun, enjoying the nature and be glad to be born on earth. You will feel elated that you are having a good time and also saving the environment from various dangers – from carbon footprints to plastic waste, that of course, if you use only recyclable plates and glasses. The car features LED-impregnated DOL that allows adjustable and customizable tinting patterns giving the car the look of an art canvas. The doors will be conveniently programmed to allow you to push open and sit around chit chatting or eating. You can even attach a bicycle with the rear bumper and can arrange some extra sittings with tailgate rumble seats that slides-out from the front trunk. The Renault Picnic will also have a low-cost and minimalist dashboard with iPod compatibility.

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    Eco-friendly Zero S Electric Supermoto bike

    Asia had the biggest number of two-wheelers hence amounting for a huge amount of pollution in that zone. Now with so many alternatives, that could be one of the least-polluted areas on earth. Zero S Electric Supermoto is an all-electric motorcycle, designed for street use and can go up to 60 miles at a maximum speed of 60 miles per hr. the best thing is that this will charge up completely in just 4 hours. It has a magnet electric motor which is able to develop 62.5 fl-lbs torque and 31 HP, and a lithium ion battery array of 4kW.

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    TerraCycle to reduce waste by reusing Mars candy wrappers

    TerraCycle, known to reuse thrown away wrappers and put them into something useful has tied up with Mars Inc to reuse packaging from Snickers, Altoids, Big Red and other Mars’ food, drink, candy, gum and dog food products. TerraCycle will use both surplus and used packaging from the products with Mars sponsoring collection brigades for its packaging waste which will then be ‘upcycled’ into products like cell phone holders, laptop sleeves and messenger bags.

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    Microbe-Powered ‘Fart’ Machine Stores Energy

    This is hilarious. I understand using cow dung as an alternative form of fuel but ‘fart’!? Ok it isn’t literally but that’s what it is called. This is a new microbe-powered electrical farting machine that could improve fuel cell technology by turning C02 in the atmosphere into methane. It is used to help store alternative energies such as wind and solar more efficiently. It works by giving small jolts of electricity to single-celled microorganisms known as archea prompts them to remove C02 from the air and turn it into methane, released as tiny “farts”. The methane, in turn, can be used to power fuel cells or to store the electrical energy chemically until its needed.

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    World’s largest electric powered Newton truck to be released

    Not just cars, even big trucks now. Going green, I mean. UK-based Smith Electric Vehicles is going to make the world’s largest battery-electric-powered truck at a new plant in Kansas City, Missouri. The truck called Newton will be able to cruise at a top speed of 50mph, carry up to eight tons in weight and go on for up to 150 miles on a single charge. It will have a wheelbase of 3.9 meters and a turning radius of 14.15 meters.

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