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    BMW Group and SCHERM Group rolls out 100 percent electric, silent truck

    BMW-Group-and-SCHERM-Group-electric-silent-truck-1 (1)
    One wouldn’t imagine seeing a 40-ton 100% electric truck. The BMW and SCHERM Groups have come together to roll out this marvel. Launched at the BMW Group Plant in Munich by Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, the truck has successfully completed its test drives. The truck will make eight rounds between the SCHERM Group logistics center and BMW Group plant in Munich, loaded with numerous vehicle components and parts. The truck will be charged with electricity drawn from renewable sources of energy, thus leaving little or no carbon footprint as it travels along the road on a daily basis. A calculation proves that the truck will save 11.8 tons of CO2 in a single year.

    Posted in Transport on July 7, 2015
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    London’s Double Decker bus services to run with zero emissions soon

    The legendary Double Decker buses from London have made their way along the path of global environmental awareness. This comes with the announcement of a pure electric double decker bus from this October. This announcement was made atop the first electric double decker bus, at the inaugural Clean Bus Summit, by the Mayor of London. Over 40,000 ultra-low emission buses are on their way to 24 other cities across the globe by 2020. London already features electric double decker buses plying since 2013. The buses were made by BYD who will also be developing the new ones.

    Posted in Transport on July 3, 2015
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    First ever 3D-printed supercar is eco-friendly as well

    Designer Kevin Czinger’s brainchild, Blade, isn’t your regular speedster. It comes with more to offer in design, manufacturing and preserving the environment. Czinger founder Divergent technologies in California, which rolled out its first 3D printed supercar model. The Blade supercar is not only a good looker but also one that handles eco-friendly performance quite well. “Society has made great strides in its awareness and adoption of cleaner and greener cars. The problem is that while these cars do now exist, the actual manufacturing of them is anything but environmentally friendly,” said Kevin Czinger. This makes so much sense that we’re surprised it never occurred to anyone else before. His company is revolutionalizing car building with their very own 3D-printed aluminum Node joint, which connects pieces of carbon fiber tubing to make up the car’s frame. Thus, the cars take lesser time and space to be manufactured. Head after the jump for some impressive specs.

    Posted in Transport on June 29, 2015
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    Tesla’s Model 3 electric car expected in sedan and crossover forms

    Everyone’s waiting for the Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle to hit the mass markets soon. There could never be enough cars rolling in from the house of Tesla to overcome the world’s pollution crisis which is why we’re all eager to set our eyes on the real Tesla Model 3. To make the anticipation quadruple, we’ve learned that the Model 3 will come in more than just one form. This means we could expect an entire line of vehicles ranging from sedans to convertibles, all bearing the same hallmark Tesla logo and bringing with it the promise of a cleaner world. With the promise of a 200-mile range, this car will truly set the benchmark high for similar competition.

    Posted in Transport on June 22, 2015
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    20% of Dubai’s Cars Taxi fleet to be hybrids

    The existing fleet of hybrid taxis is set to increase from 55 to 99. The Cars Taxi fleet has employed 55 Toyota Camry hybrids with the aim of gradually replacing all the regular cars with the smart hybrids. “We are planning to expand our hybrid fleet to 7,000 vehicles across the UAE, and around half of it is likely to be in Dubai. We are really impressed by the performance of these vehicles and are looking forward to replacing our entire fleet with hybrids soon,” said Abdullah Sultan Al Sabbagh, CEO of Cars Taxi Group. Cars Taxi operates 20% of all Dubai’s taxi fleet. The company also operates its cabs in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Fujairah. The vehicles will combine petrol and electricity to power up the cars, which will run on self-charging electric motors. It will use electricity till the speed of 40 kmph post which it will switch to petrol.

    Posted in Transport on June 17, 2015
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    Airbus’ all-electric aircraft prototype shows up at the Paris Air Show

    While Airbus is surely the majorly reputed name in the aviation industry when it comes to large aircrafts. However, they are now riding the ecofriendly wave with their all new contraption, the E-Fan 2.0 prototype aircraft. The all-electric aircraft is most likely the first plug-in plane with a 31-foot wingspan and can accommodate two seats. The plane achieves its light weight form with a carbon fiber body. In fact, it weighs just 1100 lbs. The best part is that the flight has zero CO2 emissions thanks to being powered by 120 li-ion batteries that are within the wings (genius!) that power twin 30kw engines. The engines can take the flight to 136 mph.

    Posted in Transport on June 17, 2015
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    Poop-powered ‘Bus Hound’ bus is fastest service at 123 kmph

    It doesn’t get any more convincing than this. The fact that using biogas to fuel the vehicles of tomorrow could take years of research is but a myth now. The Bus Hound (a smart spinoff ‘Bloodhound’) may look like a Friesian cow but it’s got its vigor on. Powered by biomethane derived from cow-dung, the bus managed to conjure enough power to gallop away at 123.5 kmph (or 76.8 mph). Chief engineer John Bickerton describes the sound of the roaring engine to be like that of a Vulcan bomber and we’re not doubting that one bit. The Bus Hound went on to break the land speed record for a regular bus service.

    Posted in Transport on May 27, 2015
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    The electric Gogoro Smartscooter service will debut in Taipei City

    gogoro-smart-scooter-4Electricity will fuel the world in the future, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels substantially. One of the biggest catalysts of this change, besides all the electric cars that have been taking to the streets lately, is the Gogoro Smartscooter. With a range of 60 miles on a full belly of electricity, the Smartscooter can have its drained battery swapped for a fresh one Gogoro Energy Network “Go Station, instead of being plugged into a wall socket.

    Posted in Transport on April 2, 2015
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    Leaos electric bicycle charges itself with the sun

    e-bike-3There are countless benefits of riding a bicycle instead of driving around in a gas-guzzling four-wheeler. More importantly, these green contraptions are a great way to get around without polluting your immediate environment, while helping you stay fit. To top it all, electric bicycles like the Leaos, make sure you can travel farther, on foot-power! These handmade bicycles from Italy are the brainchild of Armin Oberhollenzer, and are built in collaboration with Italian industrial designer Francesco Sommacal.

    Posted in Transport on March 26, 2015
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    NASA’s LEAPTech electric airplane propulsion system could change the aviation industry forever!

    leaptech-wing-conceptWell, it seems like the aviation industry is in for a green overhaul after all! Currently, NASA is busy spending its time at the drawing boards, working on a concept that could very well bring electric propulsion to the world of airplanes. The agency is testing an electric plane concept that uses Leading Edge Asynchronous Propeller Technology (LEAPTech). The technology is designed in partnership with Empirical Systems Aerospace (ESAero) and Joby Aviation. What sets this one apart from the rest of the electric concept planes we’ve come across before is the 18 independently-operated electric motors that power the LEAPTech wings.

    Posted in Transport on March 26, 2015
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