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    Mercedes to ditch petroleum by 2015

    Mercedes may be name of true luxury, safety and class, now it will be the name for green too. It is planning to eradicate petroleum powered vehicles from its own line up of vehicles by the year 2015. It will now be putting its best brains into building electric, fuel cell, and biofuel vehicles; the company is revving up research in alternative fuel sources and efficiency. From what we know Mercedes well they really do one of the best research in the field of automotive engineering, so nothing less than perfect is expected off a green Merc. The Mercedes facility in Spain has one vehicle the F700, powered by a DiesOtto engine that combines HCCI and spark ignition to get nearly the same efficiency as diesel, but minus the expensive after-treatment systems. Mercedes is looking into electric vehicles, both battery-powered and fuel-cell powered. Not only are models in development, but we’ve also seen the company making steps towards its zero-petroleum goal right now, from better cabs in London to li-ion battery improvements. The company also has about 100 Smart electric cars undergoing testing in London, with that favorite 2010 year as the projected market release date.

    Posted in Transport on July 10, 2008
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    An all electric car that recharges in 2hrs flat

    Green Scion.jpg
    With the amount of new technology coming up in the field of alternate power for our vehicles, it seems to me that the future of driving isn’t so dark after all. A graduate student at the University of Delaware created an electric car that can go for 150 miles on a single recharge, and has prospects of the power company paying back to him instead of charging him. The students also created a “vehicle to grid” technology. When you plug the car in, it actually becomes a storage device for the power grid. The power company would actually pay you to store their power in your car until they need it. That could add up to about $2,500 to $5,000 a year the power company would pay the driver back. The $70,000 Scion that’s fully electric and goes about 3 cents to a mile, when compared with a gas vehicle that might go between 10 and 12 cents a mile, barely takes 2 hours of recharge time. The car is no a hybrid, it is all electric. It gets plugged into an outlet.

    Posted in Transport on July 7, 2008
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    Toyota to add solar panels to Prius hybrid

    Toyota Prius.jpg
    Just like the Th!nk OX that we covered a few days back, Toyota is planning to put solar panels on the roof of the high-end version of the Prius when it redesigns the gasoline-electric hybrid car early next year. The power generated by the system would be used for the air conditioning. Toyota plans to use solar panels made by Kyocera Corp, it has remodeled the Prius with an improved hybrid system in 2003 and is expected to launch a third-generation version by next year.

    Posted in Transport on July 7, 2008
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    69 year old Japanese rides wave powered boat from Hawaii to Japan

    Some people simply rest on a futile argument; others travel the world to prove a point. A 69-year-old Japanese sailor Ken’ichi Horie has made a 6,400-kilometer (nearly 4,000 mi) journey from Hawaii to Japan in his wave-powered Suntory Mermaid II boat. The Suntory Mermaid II, a 9.5 meter (31 ft) long x 3.5 meter (11 ft) wide, 3-ton vessel made of recycled aluminum, does not use an engine for propulsion. Instead, it relies on a pair of fins under the bow that move up and down as the waves come in, propelling the boat forward.

    Posted in Transport on July 7, 2008
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    Chevrolet Beat to rock your world at 40mpg

    The recent oil price surge has got the automobile manufacturers in a jiffy, GM has almost stopped production of its Hummer brand and is reworking on a new breed of vehicle. GM is thinking hard about bringing this 40mpg car on our roads as soon as possible. Looking slightly like the Daimler AG Smart car, The ‘Beat’ would come in at about 138 inches, 11.5 feet in length it would be longer than the smart and boast a mileage of 40Mpg without using hybrid engines.

    Posted in Transport on July 5, 2008
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    Taurus Electro – The Electric Airplane is here

    Flying may soon become an everyday thing to do if the plans of CAFE Foundation take shape. CAFE is a nonprofit aiming to advance personal air travel, CAFE stands for Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency. The Electric Aircraft Symposium held in April in San Francisco was host to a crowd of several dozen engineers, venture capitalists, and members of clean-tech companies who plotted the potential of Electric flight. A Slovenian company called Pipistrel highlighted its newest model The Taurus Electro which can climb to 6,000 feet after taking off on a 30-kilowatt motor. Recharging the glider’s lithium-polymer battery is meant to take about as long as powering a cell phone. Depending upon the weather and skills of the pilot, the glider can travel 1,000 miles in a day. Pipistrel’s customers include Formula One driver Pedro de la Rosa. But even Google co-founder Larry Page, who attended the forum, might have to wait to purchase the electric Taurus if he were interested.

    Posted in Transport on June 30, 2008
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    Th!nk Ox – Think this is your next car?

    This fancy car is not even close to being a hybrid vehicle; rather it is fully electric car that runs on Lithium-ion batteries and can run for 125-155 miles on a single charge. It can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 8.5 seconds its batteries can be charged to 80% capacity in less than an hour. Solar panels on its roof power equipment such as the radio, navigation system, instrument panel, and air conditioning — even while parked with the car switched off. Now that is definitely a neat concept, we may probably be able to program our car to cool itself 5mins before 5pm so we have a cool car waiting at the parking lot without counting the pennies wasted in fuel costs.

    Posted in Transport on June 26, 2008
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    Electric Mercedes to be out in 2010

    Although they have been planning on a non-gasoline vehicle for some time now, but according to the news trickling in, Merc could be out with their electric Smart car in 2010. in a recent interview, Daimler’s chief executive was quoted as saying that an “electric Smart [was planned] for 2010,” and he also said that an electric Mercedes model would be arriving “the same year.” For the pricing details he said that the cost would depend greatly “on whether it sells the batteries or leases them.” There was even a mention of a fuel cell car in 2010.

    Posted in Transport on June 24, 2008
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    Hydrogen car makes history, travels 650miles on a single tank

    As the fuel prices are expected to escalate to dizzying heights, the options to find a reliable alternative are the primary concern for scientists and researchers. It’s not everyday such breakthroughs are achieved in which a team manages to keep a hydrogen vehicle powered for six days without needing any refueling. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers have successfully achieved a world record for the maximum distance travelled by a hydrogen powered car. Until now the fleet of hydrogen-electric Toyota Prius’s sold in the market and used by some city governments, run on compressed hydrogen gas, and have a limited range of around 80 miles between refuels. Even a pretty un-ambitious three-gallon tank fills the entire trunk of a Prius, yet still only enables a range of approximately 200 miles, which does not qualify as a gasoline competitor. By using liquid hydrogen, this takes up around a third of the volume of compressed gas.

    Posted in Transport on June 21, 2008
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    Faraday Mark II – An all electric truck

    Trying to fit a compact car with revolutionary fuel technology or electric components is a quiet hard to do at present or when the technology itself is experimental. However the dynamics change with bigger vehicles as many more components can be easily placed and studied in much more detail. That’s exactly what Ford is trying to do with its F650 trucks. Smith Electric Vehicles along with Ford plans on producing commercial electric vehicles for Europe and North America. The first of these vehicles was unveiled at the Commercial Vehicle Show as the Faraday mark II, a pure electric truck using the Ford F650 chassis cab, with a GVW of up to 13,000kg.

    Posted in Transport on June 19, 2008
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