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    Eco-friendly Yokohama Tires race up with a dose of orange oil

    As plenty of eco-friendly vehicles are slated to crowd up the lanes of the future, a tire company is working on wheeling out eco-friendly tires to complement them. Renowned for developing superior quality street as well racing tires, Yokohama Tire is all set to roll out juicy tires. Juicy tires sounds ridiculous but the making of tires from Super Nano-Power Rubber justifies the adjective. The maker has developed a process that combines orange oil with natural rubber to form a new compound called Super Nano-Power Rubber. This proprietary technology helps to consume lesser petroleum in the making of tires. And the 2009 Patrón GT3 Challenge by Yokohama will be the first race series to use these tires environmentally friendly tires with a dash of orange oil.

    Posted in Transport on January 29, 2009
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    ZAP unveils two electric vehicles – Shuttle and Alias

    Adding on to the dozens of eco-friendly vehicles that have surfaced on Greenlaunches, here are two more electric babies from ZAP. Showing up at the, just concluded, National Automobile Dealers Association annual conference and exposition, Shuttle and Alias are the latest additions to the fleet of electric transportation. The five-passenger, 4-wheel, battery electric van, big brother Shuttle is designed for transportation around large campuses, to and from parking lots, through factories, warehouses and other indoor uses. Shuttle also conforms to US regulations for Low Speed Vehicles with a top speed of 25 MPH limited to streets with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH. It can zoom up to 30 miles on a charge and recharge at a standard 110 volt outlet in about six hours and an 80 percent charge in just four hours. The maker also allows options for air-conditioning, solar panels and a rapid charger.

    Posted in Transport on January 28, 2009
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    Mitsubishi’s i MiEV Sport Air drives in for exciting eco-friendly pleasure

    Mitsubishi shifts the gear in green mode once again with the electric i MiEV Sport Air Concept. Adding up to the line of zero-emission vehicles already crowding up for the future, this Japanese electric vehicle will make its debut at the 79th Geneva International Motor Show in March. Powered by 330-volt lithium ion batteries, the beefy 63horsepower (46kilawatt) electric motor will feed instant force. Fitted with a green heart, this sports car also flaunts a sexy body. Featuring a clear, removable top, the i MiEV Sport Air Concept is bound to render a sense of freedom to the driver. And certainly make many heads turn too.

    Posted in Transport on January 27, 2009
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    Ferrari goes green with solar powered unit in Italy

    If other automakers are upping their green status by unveiling solar powered vehicles, Ferrari goes one step ahead by befitting its Maranello plant with 210,000 kWh photovoltaic system. Installed by EnerRay, the new solar system will use a 185 Wp Mitsubishi Electric module to generate peak power of 198.85 kWp. However the energy needed for heating and cooling this Italian unit will still be provided by a power plant generating electricity from a single fuel source. In an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint by 25-30% in the coming years, the company also has plans for a new tri-generation plant that will cover almost all of its electricity requirements. And you associated the term Ferrari with gas-guzzling racing beasts only? It is time to change the opinions.

    Posted in Transport on January 23, 2009
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    Is this wooden Vespa actually eco-friendly?

    Everything wooden that is non-plastic or non-metallic cannot be termed as eco-friendly. As most of the times live trees are felled to carve out wooden products. But only the stuff shaped out of sustainable or used wood can boast of the eco-friendly tag. The Wooden Vespa is the reason why I am stuck on this woody subject. Though there isn’t much detailed information on this woody version of Vespa scooter, it is known that “the main spine of the bike is fashioned from steam bent and laminated veneers upon which very nicely carved body work hangs.” This customized scooter also sports a package tray and seat made of wood. So for now I assume that the wooden Vespa isn’t eco-friendly. Can anybody throw more light on it?

    Posted in Transport on January 22, 2009
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    Scootah kicks the trend of human powered vehicles

    Moving about the city on an eco-friendly vehicle is the call of the hour. Ride on any hybrid four wheelers or the solar powered two-three wheelers and take the green route. Though many running options have flooded the market, we come across many practical concepts mushrooming up on designer’s pages. One such is Rizki Tarisa’s Scootah kick scooter. This human powered scooter is designed out of used materials. Inspired by Cheetah, this vehicle is targets the teens and college going students aged 11-18 years. With a wheel on front and two at the rear, it renders stability while riding. deisgned to fold up in to a trolley, once the user reaches the destination it can serve as a books carrier.

    Posted in Transport on January 21, 2009
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    Hornblower Hybrid ferry reduces carbon footprints on blue waters

    Locating an ideal getaway for the holidays on internet is one thing and visiting that place is another. Weather its flying or sailing, the carbon footprints are significantly detrimental for our environment. So how can one reach out for those far-off islands for a fun-filled weekend without any carbon trails? Alcatraz Cruises has come up with a green idea by launching an eco-friendly Hornblower Hybrid ferry. Powered with two wind turbines and a solar array, this multi-hulled boat is roomy enough to ferry about 160 visitors to Alcatraz from San Francisco. Though its isn’t a 100% green alternative to the regular gas-guzzling catamarans, this hybrid ferry sails on Tier 2 marine diesel engines that are supposed to be greener. And when it idles on the shores or runs in low propulsion mode, the alternatively charged batteries come into action.

    Posted in Transport on January 21, 2009
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    Vectrix unveils VX-1E and VX-2 scooters for eco-friendly urban commuting

    Since we are already on the green transport spree, here’s a look at another eco-friendly option. Since zipping past lanes, riding on two-wheelers is the most favored option for an urban set up, take a look at a pair of electric scooters from Vectrix. The VX-1E and VX-2 scooters are the best solution for city commuting woes. These electric scooters help to reduce the CO2 emissions and at the same time move ahead of the traffic infested lanes with ease. While the VX-1E can speed up to 62 mph with a range of 35 to 55 miles, the smaller VX-2 can only manage 30 mph along with a range of 40 to 50 miles. Three hours of plug-in is all that is needed to deliver 55 miles. Expected to be priced at $5,000 for the VX-2 and $8,500 for VX-1E, the duo seems to be the best affordable alternative for eco-commuting.

    Posted in Transport on January 19, 2009
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    Audi gears up for the green age with five eco-friendly electric cars

    Treading closely behind the green Honda and Lexus vehicles, Audi once again gets a chance to park in our green transport slot. About two weeks back, it was the all-LED Audi R8 that grabbed the limelight. Today it’s the silent buzz surrounding a whole new lineup of five eco-friendly Audis. These low carbon-emitting cars, christened as E1 to E5, range from city cars to racing beasts. Though there isn’t a detailed official word on this eco-friendly family of cars, it is known that E1 is the tiniest of the five. Based on the VW Up sub compact concept and fitted with small gas and diesel engines, E1 will graduate to an electric motor heart. Moving up to the two-door E2, it’s based on the VW Concept BlueSport. This one too will be shipped with two three cylinder engines at start but later will come in electric version.

    Posted in Transport on January 19, 2009
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    Tesla Motors and Daimler join hands to juice up Smart electric vehicles

    tesla-.jpg Tesla Motors inks out a deal with Daimler to power up 1,000 Smart electric vehicles for the year 2009. Though not much is revealed officially, the founder of Tesla Motors did mention that, “If the 1,000-vehicle fleet is successful and the economics make sense and the product is compelling, that will expand to tens of thousands of vehicles per year.” So we can only cross our fingers to see lithium powered Smart EVs in the near future. Though the deal was on cards since some time, the announcement came right in time for the Detroit Auto Show too. Though Daimler hasn’t divulged anything from their end, Tesla did hint that the battery will utilize the same lithium ion cells as its flagship, the Roadster. I’m sure more beans will be spilled out on this joint venture outcome.

    Posted in Transport on January 16, 2009
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