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    Dining room set made from recycled pieces of broken glass

    Not too many of us keep broken glass objects lying around for too long, since the hidden aichmophobia in us usually leads us to tossing out these objects. Every day, millions of broken glass bottles land up in the trash, a not-so-environment-friendly incidence. Designer and artist Mark Reigelman II however decided to give these broken shards of glass a new lease to life, putting together pieces of broken bottles to cook up a whole range of furniture designs. And no, sitting on any of these isn’t going to leave your backside bleeding. The Brooklyn based artist had these pieces tumbled to remove all those jagged endings and using 20 gallons of epoxy resin put together everyday objects ranging from a dining room set to a book!

    Posted in Recycle on July 6, 2011
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    Recycled oil used to make French fries at McDonalds now powers delivery trucks

    Well, oily French fries aren’t all that bad after all. Sure they make you obese, clog your arteries and make you suffer from various heart diseases. They also happen to power up vehicles too! In a bid to turn a shade greener, McDonalds UAE is using vehicles powered by biodiesel, made from recycled vegetable oil used to fry French fries in all the 80 outlets in the Emirates. Produced by Neutral Fuels, the biodiesel was first tested before finally being used to power up McDonald’s delivery trucks.

    Posted in Recycle on July 6, 2011
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    Afghanistan connects to the internet using inexpensive homemade setup

    fabfi1.jpgAfghanistan, a land that has suffered multiple punches from war, is now being hooked on to the internet, in an eco-friendly and innovative way. United States aide workers are working on a pilot project in Afghanistan called the FabFi, the project is essentially an inexpensive internet setup that costs just about $60, and makes use of everyday items enabling Afghanis to connect to the internet with substantially high speeds. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and funds chipped in by the group members themselves, the project uses homemade RF reflectors made from wood, metal, plastics, stone, clay, or any other locally available product and can be juiced up with an automobile battery, making it sustainable and less grid-reliant!

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech, Recycle on June 22, 2011
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    Old computer motherboards reused as canvases

    Artists these days seem to simply love the concept of recycling, and we’ve had quite a few artists featured here, who take a step away from the ordinary, and blend in recycling with their art, pulling out some pretty fantastical results. Arizona-based artist Joe Dragt decided to use motherboards of old computers as a canvas for his art instead of the traditional canvas, giving life to the insides of about 30 old computers. And that’s not all. Besides using the motherboards for canvases, Dragt also puts to use some most of the parts from the old computers he savages for his sculptures and sends the remaining plastic and metal for recycling.

    Posted in Recycle on June 21, 2011
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    When Nature Call Urinal recyles pee to water tree

    We all know just how much trees enjoy us peeing on them. Pee, as humans have known since times immortal, is good for trees. So, to make peeing on trees a little more civilized than just stepping near a tree in a park and answering natures call, designer Eddie Gandelman has come up with a one-of-a-kind urinal Called the When Nature Calls Urinal, this one uses bathroom pods, cleverly designed to surround a tree that sprouts in the middle. So, simply peeing into the pod waters the tree! The urine, once flown out of your body, is purified by the urinal, before reaching the tree in the middle.

    Posted in Recycle on June 21, 2011
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    Home with old recycled computer parts for walls, by Marek Tomasik

    We’ve been waving the recycling flag since quite a while now, and we’ve just found yet another flag bearer for the same. A home made from old recycled junk, which at some part of its life was a technological breakthrough. Pieced up by Polish sculptor Marek Tomasik who seems to have his facts right when it comes to recycling, this home uses parts from old PCs that make up the surfaces of the 16′ x 14′ x 15’ space. Though it isn’t really aesthetically pleasing and seems more like an old computer part seller’s junk shop, the very fact that Tomasik has salvaged these parts and kept them from the dump yard has left us smiling wide.

    Posted in Recycle on June 16, 2011
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    Bus shelter to charge electric buses wirelessly

    It’s about time we bring a dash of green to our mass transit systems around the world. Designer Gavin Harvey came up with an innovative way to juice up electric city-buses that might just be the next best way to get around town in future. Essentially a bus stop, this one’s unlike any other, fulfilling the usual duties of a bus shelter as well as charging up the buses while they wait for passengers to board and alight. And yes, the buses won’t need to be repeatedly plugged into these chargers. Harvey’s bus-stop chargers juice up the buses with electricity wirelessly.

    Posted in Recycle on June 14, 2011
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    Melting guns into a peace statue, recycling gets a whole new meaning

    What’s the best way to put to rest a bunch of terror-spreading death-bringing confiscated weapons? Recycling! Police officials hailing from New York and New Jersey received 900 illegal weapons that will soon be sent for melting, which will then be turned into a metallic statue called the Peace Angel with a better purpose in life than shooting out bullets at living beings. The statue will be donated to the NYPD headquarters in Manhattan once it’s chiseled into being. The Sims Metal Management firm in Jersey City will take care of the melting process while the Art of Peace Charitable Trust will look over the building of the statue. Standing five feet tall, the winged Peace Angel statue will drive an inspirational arrow into the minds of people, showing the world the benefits of recycling.

    Posted in Recycle on June 8, 2011
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    Vintage race car made from recycled scrap is gorgeous junk on wheels

    Like we’ve always been saying, recycling lugs around a ton of advantages indeed! Hailing from Driffield, Stephen Crawford put together all the knowledge he had of recycling and automobiles to come up with this astounding work of recycling and mode of transport combined. Measuring about 21ft (6.4m), Crawford’s car’s made of wood, old mahogany window frames, cake tins and scrap materials, and draws inspiration from a 1924 race car, renowned in its day. Taking about three years to build, Crawford used his farm in Enthorpe as a manger for this one. And the best part is this remarkable car has been put together so cleverly, that to the untrained and unquestioning eye, it seems to be just a regular vintage, with the scrap and recycled stuff going unnoticed.

    Posted in Recycle on June 7, 2011
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    Celcius biodigester recycles organic waste into usable energy

    Kitchens today have had a paradigm shift away from those in the past when it comes to design and technology used. Designer Marcela Vanesa Céspedes has come up with an efficient way to dispose of organic waste in your kitchen itself and at the same time create a bit of renewable energy too. Called the Celcius, this system includes a biodigester that swallows up all your organic waste, and turns it into usable energy which can then be used for cooking, with the cooking plates that come as a part of the entire system. The plates work as a fully functional stove, with designated space to cook different types of meals.

    Posted in Recycle on June 1, 2011
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