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    Concept design uses pooch-poop to light up New York parks

    Why connect street lamps to the grid when you could have your pooch power them up instead, with poop! NYU student Melody Kelemu envisions street lamps in parks powered by dog poop and if this concept does turn into a reality, it pretty much could work out to be a great way to keep parks free from doggie-poop while staying lit up at the same time! The neuroscience and environmental studies student’s concept includes the use of methane digesters that use anaerobic bacteria to digest the poop, creating methane. Also, if you’re one to worry of doggie-poop smell, Melody has made sure her digester tank designs are hermetically sealed! A perfect way to light up the parks of New York in a green and eco-friendly way, while keeping the sidewalks poop-free, Melody Kelemu’s concept seems to be an efficient, green and practical solution indeed.

    Posted in Recycle on December 26, 2011
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    Pet Tree Vertical eco planting system uses recycled PET bottles and plastic

    pet-tree-vertical-eco-planting-system1.jpgIn an endeavor to keep PET bottles away from landfills and helping bring greener life forms closer to our daily lives, designer Dr. Hakan Gursu designed the Pet Tree Vertical eco planting system, a winner of the Green Dot Awards and the International Design Awards. The system uses old PET bottles structured in such a way, that they replicate a tree-like shape. The system then uses a water-collection system that enables drop irrigation to replenish the greenery planted in the PET bottles.

    Posted in Recycle on December 19, 2011
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    Boxpark mall in London uses recycled shipping containers

    We’ve seen stores carved into recycled shipping containers before. Now, London plays home to a full-fledged mall, completely constructed out of recycled shipping containers, located at the east end. Called the Boxpark, this mall plays home to trendy apparel stores, and uses 60 containers stacked two stories high and five rows wide. The floors above host restaurants with outside benches and tables while the mall also brags of a concept store with gifts from Amnesty International apart from the regular Levi’s, Puma, Calvin Klein and Nike stores. Also, the stores vary in size, with some using two to three containers with unique displays, making this one of the greenest shopping areas in London. Top this one with solar panels, and voila! You could probably enjoy a true-to-flesh eco-friendly shopping area in the heart of London.

    Posted in Recycle on December 13, 2011
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    Lexus uses recycled car parts to create fashion-forward apparel

    Instead of trashing old cars in scrap yards, Lexus has come up with a better way to put to rest retired vehicles. In an effort to promote recycling for cars, the company broke down a CT Hybrid car and used the 2000 and more components to create some pretty fashion-forward apparel! The parts were given by the luxury automaker to four designers who then put their art and talent to use to come up with astounding finished pieces which will feature in a six-page advertising campaign in the January 2012 issue of the Vogue magazine. Using everything from crank bearings, transmission starters and exhaust manifold gaskets to armrest upholstery, these costumes sure as hell seem to be bred for the cat walk.

    Posted in Recycle on December 5, 2011
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    La Casa Ecologica de Botellas, a home made from 24,000 recycled bottles

    Why use bricks and the conformist materials for building your abode, when you could instead to the world and the environment as a whole a big favor and use recycled bottles instead! Alfredo Santa Cruz literally turned trash into a roof above his head using some 24,000 bottles to build La Casa Ecologica de Botellas, a place he calls home. Filled with sand or water for fireproofing purposes, these bottles have also found a place inside the home, being used to create furnishings.

    Posted in Recycle on November 29, 2011
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    World map made from recycled computer components is green

    Recycling isn’t limited to urban areas alone and is an activity that can envelope the whole world for the greener good. To portray just that, UK-based artist and designer Susan Stockwell came up with this beautiful work of art, the world map made from recycled computer parts. The components were sourced from the University of Bedfordshire and the installment is simply called the “World”. Stockwell began work on this one in 2010 and used motherboards, electrical wiring, fans and other such components donated by the Secure IT Recycling.

    Posted in Recycle on November 17, 2011
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    Coca-Cola to recycle PET bottles helping turn 2012 London Olympics green

    With the 2012 London Olympics coming up, Coca-Cola is now gearing up to make sure the mess is cleaned up, well in advance. In a joint venture with ECO Plastics, Coca-Cola will soon kick off operations at Continuum Recycling located in North Lincolnshire. All clear PET bottles will be taken in for recycling and the move will help double the current production of food grade recycled PET plastic in the UK from 35,000 tonnes in 2010 to more than 75,000 tonnes. These bottles, once recycled, will help produce about 80 million new Coke bottles in a span of six weeks from the date of the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics.

    Posted in Recycle on November 12, 2011
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    Winged BMW made of recycled tires

    Batman would have wanted one of these. Maybe for its looks, but for the common man with no super powers to boast, this is a pretty neat recycled BMW lookalike. In the city of Perm in Russia, this car was spotted featuring recycled tires and with wings. It is artistically done and makes you awe at the effort and thought that has gone into it. There isn’t much more than this we know about this winged model. But this is art and here it is to stare and admire in all its glory.

    Posted in Recycle on November 2, 2011
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    3D sculptures made from recycled paper by Jennifer Collier

    The next time you crumple a page before tossing it in a bin, stop short and think just how useful that waste bit of paper could get! Take Jennifer Collier’s works for example. The designer uses bits and pieces of paper to sculpt out 3D sculptures! Hailing from Britain, Collier sews these paper sheets like fabric and shapes them into 3D sculptures, well-detailed and cleverly designed. Using type writer manuals to create a typewriter, old phone directories to create a telephone and old photos to sculpt out a camera, Jennifer pretty much inspires to recycle and create with these thought-provoking works of art.

    Posted in Recycle on October 24, 2011
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    Triumph International recycles old bras into power-generating fuel

    Used bras now have a better purpose than being stolen by perverts or ending up in landfills. Taking note of the concerns of Japanese women who constantly face the embarrassment of perverts picking out their used bras now have their worries put to rest, thanks to Triumph International’s latest endeavor. The company is now accepting used bras in select stores across Japan which will then be recycled into boiler and power-generating fuel. This could help save tons of waste from ending up in landfills and given that bras are one of the most difficult clothing to recycle, this should help add a bit of green to the garment industry, ensuring proper disposal of old bras.

    Posted in Recycle on October 21, 2011
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