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    McDonalds begins testing recyclable paper cups in the United States

    imagesizer.jpgMcDonalds, the land of burgers and fries usually attributed to obesity is now looking for ways to turn green. To start off with, the golden arched fast food chain will begin using recyclable paper cups in the near future. 2,000 restaurants of the chain making up for 15% of those in the United States alone will begin testing phases, ditching the previously used polystyrene cups for recyclable paper cups. Also, given that these cups are recyclable further ups the green quotient. Composting paper cups leads to the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Reusing the cups instead helps save o0n paper, resulting on fewer trees being cut down. We wish McDonalds on its endeavor and hope to see polystyrene cups completely phased out in the future.

    Posted in Recycle on March 22, 2012
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    Google reuses toilet water to cool down Georgia data center

    Untitled-1.jpgGoogle figured that toilet water doesn’t necessarily need to be flushed down the toilet, literally. Instead, the search engine giant has come up with an eco-friendly way to cool down its data centers, using water from toilets. As insanitary as this sounds, Google has come up with a foolproof plan to use waste water to cool down the western Georgia data center without raising a stench. Google figured the water used to cool down its systems doesn’t really require to be necessarily clean. This indeed is an innovative way to reuse waste water and decrease reliance on grid-connected cooling systems, making this plan put together with Google with help from the Sewer Authority a marvelously green one!

    Posted in Recycle on March 19, 2012
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    Old Mac recycled into sleeping space for your kitty

    il_570xN.306851229.jpgWhy trash away an old Mac Studio Apple Computer when you could very well turn it into a cozy adobe for your furry feline friend to sleep in! Called the Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed, this hollowed out Mac doubles up as a bed for your kitty. Complete with a triple-stitched removable slipcover and a cushion, this one’s as comfortable as it gets and is assured to have your kitty sleeping soundly. Priced at $129 on Etsy with a $28 shipping charge, this recycled Mac-turned-bed could work as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lovable ball of fur.

    Posted in Recycle on February 13, 2012
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    MariClaro creates trendy backpacks recycled from airbags

    airbag-back-pack (1).jpgAirbags are one of those things that can never serve the same purpose twice. Once deployed, these life saving bags of air that prevent a driver’s face from crashing into the steering wheel on impact are cut out and replaced. So, instead of tossing the material from used airbags into trash-cans, the guys at MariClaro recycle it all into trendy backpacks. Based in Toronto, the sustainable design company makes fashion accessories and apparel from recycled materials. This backpack in particular is made from 99% recycled materials and takes up to three weeks to make. However, the $300 price tag might seem a bit too hefty on one’s pocket, though we applaud the idea behind this recycle-reuse idea.

    Posted in Recycle on February 6, 2012
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    Virus StayWarm fabric made from recycled coffee charcoal keeps you warm

    virusstaywarm-5.jpgSipping coffee was the only way to stay warm using coffee beans, until now. Californian sports clothing company Virus has just pulled the veil off its new line of exceptional clothing using a one-of-a-kind fabric made from coffee! Using recycled coffee charcoal to produce fabric, Virus’ new line of clothing traps heat close to the skin, keeping you warm. These fabrics can trap heat of up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit and uses no chemical treatments or applications for insulation. Called the StayWarm line, these also shield you from harmful UV rays and keep odors away. A great way to stay warm using recycled coffee charcoal, the Virus StayWarm line further promotes recycling as a brilliant way to gather raw materials.

    Posted in Recycle on January 30, 2012
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    Recycled plastic bottles used to build classrooms in Philippines

    When remarkable individuals come up with ways to recycle materials that could potentially harm the environment, and come up with ways to reuse them for the betterment of mankind, they deserve more than just a common applause. My Shelter Foundation is one of those organizations that make us believe in the gentleness of mankind. The foundation has been using plastic bottles and recycling them to build classrooms in Philippines! The plastic bottles are reinforced with cement, soil and water and are strong enough to face the elements, making an ideal raw material to build structures. Currently, a school is being built in Laguna using this technique and will also use natural lighting and solar bulbs for lighting.

    Posted in Recycle on January 30, 2012
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    Turning recycled computer monitors into trashcans now a reality

    432.jpgWe love recycling and hearing about stuff being recycled leaves us smiling like overjoyed infants. Instead of having old retired computer monitors tossed in e-waste dump yards, designer J Edson Azevedo came up with a fantastic way to have the recycled. By scooping out the insides, Azevedo put these shells to use as trash cans, mounting them on walls in public spaces. Painting these a soothing yellow color that grabs the attention of the potential litterer and has him or her dump waste in these recycled monitors instead, the initiative tends to inspire and motivate.

    Posted in Recycle on January 30, 2012
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    Parasite Farm kitchen composting unit helps grow vegetables indoors

    parasite-01-web.jpgGerman designers Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber have come up with a fabulous way dispose away all the waste food your home generates. The Parasite Farm is the perfect addition for the urban home that lacks the outdoor space for a proper composting area. Today, food waste is known to make up about 13% of trash in the United States alone, and composting it at home could help decrease the strain on landfills. Sporting a compost bin with a built-in chopping-board lid that can be mounted onto a kitchen table, the Parasite Farm enables you to turn your kitchen waste into soil, which can then be used to grow veggies indoors! Also, the system makes use of residual water that doubles up as fertilizer water, making the Parasite Farm an ideal way to get rid of food waste at home.

    Posted in Recycle on January 26, 2012
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    Chinese restaurateur builds miniature dragon from recycled stuff

    2.jpgWith the Chinese New Year just around the corner, 54-year-old Fu Sek Sue has come with the ideal way to usher in the Year of the Dragon. Sue, who owns a restaurant called the Golden Dragon in Kampung Cina, has built a miniature dragon, made from recycled materials. The dragon was sculpted out of recycled bottles, cardboard boxes, paper and a bunch of reusable materials she salvaged. With help from her three children and friends, this majestic dragon now stands at the front of the Golden Dragon restaurant in China, and has also been attracting a steady stream of customers ever since it showed up!

    Posted in Recycle on January 23, 2012
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    Re-Wine biodegradable reusable wine cases transform into lamps, tables, chairs and shelves!

    Using the concept of Reuse and Recycle in a manner never executed before, designer Miniwiz’s Re-Wine design sure takes the cake when it comes to reusable packaging. A biodegradable carrying case for your wine, this cleverly designed contraption turns into a full-fledged table-lamp when it serves its purpose as a carter for your wine. And that certainly isn’t all! If you really aren’t looking for a lighting solution either, the Re-Wine uses interlocking joints that enables it to be connected to other similar units to form house-hold furniture including tables, shelves and seats! And if you simply aren’t looking for anything of the sort, these cases are fully biodegradable, meaning that you can toss them into nature (safely), without this causing harm to the environment!

    Posted in Recycle on December 26, 2011
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