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    Sage Werbock creates AT-AT robot using recycled parts from scrap computers

    The washed out and scrapped out parts of computers do not necessarily need to spend their days of retirement in a landfill anymore, not when you could cleverly put these together to construct an AT-AT robot like this one we just came across. Created by Sage Werbock, this robot was constructed from parts picked out of old computers and sheet metal. Werbock’s art of blacksmithing and welding has sure helped him make this four legged beast stand tall, using power supply boxes to construct its main body and floppy drive housings for the head. To construct the legs and feet, Werbock used pieces of scrap metal that weighs in at around 15 pounds.

    Posted in Recycle on February 8, 2011
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    Axion international to manufacture railroad ties made of plastic

    A load of plastic will soon disappear from landfills, as Axion International will begin manufacturing railroad ties using recycled plastic. Winning a contract worth $15 million, the company will now manufacture railroad ties from Recycled Structural Composite (RSC), recycled plastic composite developed by Axion in conjunction with Rutgers University that is basically a thermoplastic composite made from 100% recycled consumer plastics. This also includes milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles as well as industrial plastic waste sent for recycling. The U.S. railroad industry replaces a good 20 million railroad ties per year, which will soon be made from recycled plastic.

    Posted in Recycle on February 3, 2011
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    Dinamica Shoes made of recycled plastic walk away from animal cruelty

    Here’s a chic shoe that vegetarians and environmentalists will just love slipping on. The company who chiseled this one out, Beyond Skin, has for years been making shoes without the use of animal skin. This time around, the company has planned to do a lot more for the environment, by using recycled plastic bottles to conceive faux suede shoes. The shoes called Dinamica use microfiber that have the same look and feel as the real thing. Though, it takes no animal lives into its manufacturing, stays clean of animal cruelty and uses recycled bottles instead! Also, these shoes use no solvents or harsh chemicals while being manufactured. They can also be completely recycled when they near the end of their lives and you decide to toss them out.

    Posted in Recycle on February 2, 2011
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    GreenBottle, the greener way to store milk is recyclable

    The United Kingdom will soon start having its milk stored in eco-friendly bottles at supermarkets with the GreenBottle by Suffolk-based Martin Mysercough. Plastic bottles will soon be a thing of the past, as these green packaging take their place instead. The GreenBottle uses an outer shell made from recycled paper while a thinner plastic lining inside is used to store the milk. The bottles will hit store shelves at all Asda outlets soon. The outer shelf can be thrown out and recycled again. The shell also decomposes in a few weeks time. Unlike an average plastic bottle that takes around 500 years to decompose, the GreenBottle does not harm the environment too much.

    Posted in Recycle on February 1, 2011
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    The 4th Bin keeps New York’s e-waste out of landfills

    What happens to your old computer or mobile phone every time you bring home a shiny new one? Well, it ends up in a landfill of course, and remains there for years on end, slowly degrading our environment to the best of its capabilities. E-waste needs to be disposed off efficiently, and with the growth in technology we’re having today, this sure seems a difficult task. The city of New York is making sure its E-waste is disposed off well and has The 4th Bin company helping out with that. The company is an e-waste removal and recycling company that will offer free door-to-door pickup to the first 50 New York City residents. Also, in 2012, businesses and large buildings like apartments and condos will be banned from tossing e-waste in general trash collections! That’s not all.

    Posted in Recycle on January 25, 2011
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    Repurpose One Cup is 100% compostable making it the greenest coffee cup in the world

    Here’s a cup that keeps your morning brew steaming hot, and does the environment a huge favor too. By Repurpose Compostables, the cup uses plant based materials and is insulated, keeping out the need for a sleeve and double cupping. Named the One Cup, this one is 100% compostable and prevents heat from escaping the cup. It makes sure your hands don’t heat up uncomfortably while holding on to it too. Using 65% less CO2 than a traditional cup to produce, this one takes 90 days to compost fully. Made from FSC-Certified paper, the cup uses Ingeo based lining.

    Posted in Recycle on January 24, 2011
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    Hotel made of recycled trash in central Madrid flings its doors open

    Hotels sparkle and shine in all their hospitable glory. Some deviate from the usual cement and concrete mix though, opting for rubbish instead. In the heart of Spain in central Madrid stands a hotel, a load of rubbish indeed. Made by German sculptor H.A. Shult, this hotel took a whole 12 tons of recycled junk to build. Located in Madrid’s Callao Square, the hotel known as the Corona Extra Save the Beach Hotel and has five double rooms that have already been booked by the guests, who’ll come live in a bunch of rubbish, with the hotel opening its doors on January 19th. The hotel is a subtle reminder to the need for recycling.

    Posted in Recycle on January 24, 2011
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    Kork iPad case made from recycled corks is recyclable

    Need a new iPad accessory? This time make sure its a green one, like this lovely new iPad case we just had a look at. Called the Kork, this iPad case is made from recycled and recyclable natural cork. Designed well and shaped ergonomically, the Kork iPad case keeps your Apple shiny, clean and safe too. The best part is, once disposed off, it doesn’t harm the environment either, taken that it’s recyclable! Also, this one has a non-slip surface, making sure your slippery-as-eel iPad doesn’t jump out of your hands. For as less as $67, you can have your iPad sit snugly in this environment friendly case!

    Posted in Recycle on January 24, 2011
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    Relumine by designer Mischer Traxler uses recycled lamps

    Talk about recycling, here’s a bunch of table lamps given a new life. You might have seen tube shaped fluorescent bulbs before. What you probably might not have seen is a bulb holder like this one. Known as the Relumine, designer Mischer Traxler came up with this one, using recycled and refurbished lamps. Part of an exhibition called bulb fiction; these discarded lamps were given fresh finishes. The glass tube and low energy light fittings were then added on, giving them a new look and a better purpose in life. Each of these lights has two lamps holding them in place.

    Posted in Recycle on January 17, 2011
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    Recycle your iPhone and get paid

    Recycle-your-iPhone.jpg Planning to toss away your iPhone anytime soon? Well, if you seriously are, you could make a few bucks by doing it the right way. Here’s how. First of all, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that mobile phones contain toxic materials like lead, mercury, and arsenic and a single unit contains enough toxic substances to pollute 40,000 gallons of water while an iPhone could take years to disintegrate. Now all you need to do is visit the e-Cycle website and check out just how worth your mobile phone really is, before you dump it. A 16GB iPhone 3GS can fetch you a sweet $130.00! Also, if you’re worried about security, you needn’t be, since overhaul revamps your handset completely leaving no sign of your fingerprints behind.

    Posted in Recycle on January 17, 2011
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