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    Ramon Knoester designs the Recycled Island from garbage

    Artificial man-made islands are a common site today, artificial islands made out of garbage aren’t! Designer and architect, Ramon Knoester hailing from Holland thought of a novel way to use trash with the help of a generous grant from the Netherlands Architecture Fund. The Recycled Island measures 3,860 miles, almost the size of Hawaii. Making use of energy generated from waves, the island will be the epitome of recycling efforts and sustainable energy. All the sewage produced on the island will be used for compost and the island will create its own food and fertilizers.

    Posted in Recycle on April 5, 2011
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    Children’s books recycled into a fairytale dress Snow White would lust for

    A children’s book usually has a very short lifetime. These books are either destroyed , ripped into bits, chewed on or scribbled on by kids, or if they do survive, they’re rendered useless after a short while of time, once the child grows up. And so, designer Ryan Novelline based in Boston decided to give these little childhood modes of education a new lease to life. The designer recycled these books, turning them into a dress not unlike something Cinderella or Snow White would wear. The dress uses books from the Golden Book’s line of classics and is 22,000 inches. Using gold metallic thread to sew together all these pages, the designer has created a masterpiece with recycling.

    Posted in Recycle on April 4, 2011
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    Bench made from recycled Metrocards by Steve Shaheen

    The least you could do to a Metrocard after having used it is, toss it into a bin! Well, an artist thinks differently, and instead adds a creative touch to the simplest of objects in our day to day lives. Steve Shaheen decided to give old Metrocards a new lease to life and collected 5,000 of them, waved his magic wand of artistry and turned it into a piece of furniture! The Ney York based artist sure deserves a pat on the back for all the effort taken, taking a whole week to collect all these cards thrown down on subway floors and around turnstiles.

    Posted in Recycle on March 31, 2011
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    Cleaning up flood water and making it potable, the Health Light

    3.jpgCities today have turned into concrete jungles. The amount of green and open land is slowly diminishing in our urban areas. It’s no wonder that cities around the globe keep flooding over and over again. Once the waters flow out into the streets, it proves to be extremely hazardous, giving rise to diseases and mixing up with toxic waste from drainage systems. So, designer Liu Yun came up with this innovative technique to purify this water to some extent. Termed the Health Light, the solar powered device gets rid of the contaminating bacteria in water and detoxifies it, filtering it in the process.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype, Recycle on March 30, 2011
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    Banana fibers could be used to develop plastic stronger than Kevlar and lighter

    2.jpgBananas have never been known to power cars before. In fact, bananas have never really had anything to do with cars before. Brazilian scientists however, have revealed that fibers from bananas, pineapples and other plants can be used to create plastic that is stronger and lighter than the petroleum-based materials, and is as strong as Kevlar itself! Also, the plastic is renewable, given that it’s made from green sources. And using this material for cars could make them a lot lighter than they are today, indirectly increasing fuel efficiency! Using a plastic like this, manufacturers can cut out a good 250 to 700 pounds from a car, making it 30 times lighter and four times stronger!

    Posted in Recycle, Transport on March 30, 2011
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    Pin-hole camera made from recycled cardboard, a shutterbug’s way to recycling

    4.jpgPin-hole cameras have always been subject to school science fair projects and such. They never have been used for serious photography, not when you’ve got those SLRs and DSLRs around these days. Kelly Angood however decided to give the pin-hole camera a better view of life, and used recycled carboard to create one that can take some pretty amazing pictures! The camera requires a medium-format film (120mm) and is capable of snapping away long-exposure pictures. That’s not all. The creator is eager to have more people indulging in building their own pin-hole cameras and will soon have a downloadable and printable Hasselblad camera that uses 35mm film, a cheaper option to the 120mm and also a lot easier to develop.

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech, Recycle on March 30, 2011
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    Wearing a jacket made of recycled computer keys, not so much of a fashion statement

    We’ve seen them all, snakes, benches and photo frames, all made from recycled keyboards. The list of things you can design out of old trashed-out keyboards doesn’t stop here! This time we came across a jacket, all sophisticated and dressy, made from recycled keyboards. The perfect outfit for a nerd who enjoys a happy married life with his computer for a nerd’s night out, this jacket is sure to attract a lot of attention. It would do well in a fancy dress party too, if you decide to dress up like a computer keyboard that is. Oh, and this one’s sure going to have people touching you, so if you absolutely hate that, we suggest you leave it at home, and slip on something more subtle.

    Posted in Recycle on March 28, 2011
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    Nike Air Max sneakers recycled from computer parts

    Maybe you wouldn’t want to slip into one of these. They do make for great show pieces though, and with all the detailing put into it, these Nike Air Max sneakers made from recycled computer parts sure give recycling a creative edge. By Gabriel Dishaw’s, the pair took 90 hours of sweat and labor to chisel out and the result sure is awe-striking. Like we said before, wearing these isn’t really an option, taken that they’re too valuable as recycled artifacts to be worn. The designer used motherboards, typewriter cases, chipsets, power connectors, a USB port and an oxygen mask from a 747 airplane to build this pair of shoes.

    Posted in Recycle on March 15, 2011
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    1970 Airstream Trailer recycled into a home and work space

    Trailer parks aren’t usually the most comfortable place to live in. Matthew Hoffman, a practicing architect from Santa Barbara, California, however proved this fact wrong. The architect took an old rundown 1970 Airstream trailer, sprinkled on a bit of magic dust and a load of hard work, and turned it into a comfortable work studio and living space combined. Trailer’s usually stick to the “living-space” forms, without having enough room for a functional work-space. That’s exactly what make’s Hoffman’s design ever so charming and praise worthy.

    Posted in Recycle on March 7, 2011
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    Sneakers recycled into speakers

    The only sound you probably might ever hear from your pair of sneakers is the squeaks they create on polished floors. Sneakers have never had too much to do with music or audio for that matter. Sneaker customizer Nashmoney however has taken sneakers to a whole new level, picking them out, recycling them and breathing new life into them by converting them into speakers! Using a regular pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, the customizer added on the speaker cones to the soles with the controls fitted on to the sides. Fitted on to a rack that keeps these speaker-shoes in place, the sneaker-speakers sure seem to be a great way to retrofit your favorite-but-now-worn-out pair of shoes.

    Posted in Recycle on March 4, 2011
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