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    Airplane recycled and turned into diner at Coventry Airport, the DC6 Diner offers great food

    For those regularly following this site, planes having their insides scraped out and recycled into homes and hotels isn’t all that new. This however, doesn’t take away the wonder and appreciation we have for those who take up initiatives as such, putting in efforts to recycle those huge chunks of metal and give them new purposes and reasons to live on. The DC6 Diner is the latest airplane-to-restaurant conversion at the Coventry Airport. An aircraft hailing back to the 1950s had its insides pulled out to make way for a full-fledged diner. The plane, an overhauled Douglas DC-6 plane, has been grounded since three years and was thought of to be the best place to be turned into a diner, offering patrons a true onboard eating experience.

    Posted in Recycle on May 10, 2011
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    Oil barrels squeezed out of oil, recycled into shelf-cabinets

    Oil barrels that are done carrying those toxic fuels and are looking for a healthy retirement can now have a new lease to life, recycled and converted into little cabinets. German design group Lockengeleot hailing from St. Pauli, Hamburg picked up these barrels that sprang a leak, ripped them open from one side, installed shelves and added on the finishing touches with color, turning these once-oil-carriers into beautiful shelf-cabinets that you could use to store your cutlery, books and knick-knacks.

    Posted in Recycle on May 9, 2011
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    Bathing in recycled crude oil helps reduce joint pains

    160 miles north-west of Azerbaijan’s capital of Baku, lies the town of Naftalan, a town where the people indulge a pretty out-of-the-box bath to help cure joint pains. Bathing in crude oil has never been given a thought to around the world, simply for the fact that it’s black, murky, sticky and highly carcinogenic. The people of Naftalan think differently though, and people from all over the Soviet Union, Europe and as far as the Emirates throng to the Naftalan Clinic that provides recycled crude oil baths. 35 gallons of recycled crude oil are emptied into a bath at 40 degrees and patients spend 10 minutes in the black oil. The Clinic limits the bath time to 10 minutes as over-exposure of human skin to crude oil can lead to cancer.

    Posted in Recycle on May 9, 2011
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    Beautifully designed garments made from recycled trash by Nancy Judd

    Wear one of these and you might just have people stopping by exclaiming, “You’re wearing garbage!” and we wouldn’t blame them for that, because you literally are! Designer Nancy Judd pulled out a bunch of trash that would end up in a landfill probably, giving it all a new lease to life and recycling it into garments! The Recycle Runway collection includes a line of beautifully and elegantly designed clothing, made from recycled products including old cassette tapes, nails, pieces of glass scrap canvas material and aluminum-can pull tabs! Each of these garments took around 100 to 450 hours to create and boasts longer lifespans than your usual readymade clothing.

    Posted in Recycle on May 3, 2011
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    Eco Ultra automotive oil recycled from used oil is green

    Eco-Ultra-automotive-oil-1.jpg Green automotive oil sounds like a paradox to most of us. Fossil fuels can never be green, right? The Eco Ultra oil recently proved this entire notion completely wrong, and is one-of-a-kind oil that’s green as ever. Made from used automotive, industrial, heavy duty, and railroad engine oil, this recycled oil is then refined and blended with additive, making it a perfect lubricant, meeting all the required standards. Also, manufacturing this one consumes 89% less energy, reducing carbon emissions by a good 36% in the bargain.

    Posted in Recycle on April 29, 2011
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    Prom dress recycled out of candy wrappers by Kerring Frey

    Most teenage girls spend hours planning their perfect prom attire. At times, they have their mothers planning the same too, for years! High-school senior Tara Frey’s mother has been at work on her prom dress for six years now! And this isn’t just any prom dress, this one’s made from recycle toffee wrappers. Hailing from Wisconsin, Kerrin Frey, Tara’s mother, made this beautiful dress, fit enough to make Tara the sweetest girl indeed at the prom, out of thousands of Starburst candy wrappers. Carefully folding each of these candy wrappers four times and pressing them with a pair of tweezers for a tight weave, Kerrin Frey has, at times, had to purchase about 9kgs of candy!

    Posted in Recycle on April 26, 2011
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    Computers go biodegradable, with new material developed by PEGA

    Computers are destined for a greener future. Today, a major part of our lives involves the use of these machines, and people around the world are constantly upgrading to better technology, which leaves a pile of old and trashed-out electronic waste piled up in landfills, sucking the life out of our environment. PEGA Designs & Engineering has however, thought of bringing in a change to the way computers are manufactured. The company has developed a new material that could be used in computer manufacturing. The material is sturdy as ever and flexible too, increasing its usability. Made from polypropylene and recycled paper, the material, unlike the plastics usually used, is biodegradable.

    Posted in Recycle on April 18, 2011
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    Old carpets recycled into cylinder covers by Ford

    If you’ve just brought a shiny new Ford, here’s an interesting fact. The car’s cylinder head covers might have, at one point of time, played a very different automotive role, probably being the carpet of an old Ford! That gives your new car a modest touch of a classic, with the carpeting being pulled out of a graveyard and breathed life into once again. Ford has been recycling old carpets used in cars since 2010, and has saved 430,000 gallons of oil in the bargain. If all the material recycled by Ford was put together, it could very well cover 154 football fields. That’s roughly about 4.1 million pounds of carpet material! To make the cylinder covers, the carpets are ground up and churned into nylon resin. This is then moulded into covers.

    Posted in Recycle on April 12, 2011
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    World Record set for most bottles recycled in eight hours in Shanghai

    The Shanghai Education Commission and the Water Business Unit of Nestlé came up with a novel way to recycle a load of bottles and set out to break a Guinness World record in the bargain. Recycling 8,799.9 kg of bottles in just eight hours, breaking the previously held 2,467.54 kg record, bottles were collected in 120 local primary schools and from the Nestlé Waters’ factory in Shanghai. The bottles were then taken to a recycling center where they were checked and weighed with Adjudicator Angela Wu as a witness, keeping watch. The organizers of the event were presented with a certificate once the effort was successful.

    Posted in Recycle on April 6, 2011
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    Binary Table 01 made from old computers has buttons clicking and disks spinning

    Why use clichéd raw materials like plastics, metal and wood to sculpt out furniture, when you could instead bring back old electronic parts from the graveyard and create something as interesting as the Binary Table 01! Created by BRC Designs, this coffee table might not fit into your minimalist home. It sure would do great in Dexter’s Laboratory though! Created completely out of old parts of run-down electronics, the table uses old computer towers and terribly old circuit boards. The glass top that you see was pulled out of a wrecked warehouse. And the best part, all the buttons click and the little disks spin too! So just in case the person you’re having coffee with is terribly boring, you ca keep yourself busy with these parts while enjoying your cuppa!

    Posted in Recycle on April 5, 2011
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