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    Old tires recycled to create wallets shaped like, well, underwear!

    We’ve known tires to end up in dumping yards. We’ve seen a few being recycled into some pretty interesting stuff. Never before have we seen tires being recycled into leather underwear-shaped wallets though. Well, they sure serve the purpose of a wallet well, keeping your essentials safe and in place. What caught our eye and left us scratching our chins trying to figure out its purpose though, was this wallets shape! Made from recycled tires picked out of garbage dumps, the Rubber Undies as it was unimaginatively named, is sure to leave just about everyone standing by staring as you pull it out to pay the hotdog guy!

    Posted in Recycle on May 27, 2011
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    Decommissioned AK-47 given new life, recycled into electric guitar

    Guns are meant to kill. We all know that. And they do great at instilling fear in people too. Music on the other hand unites, keeps people close and encourages peace and love. So, designer César López came up with a clever way to dispose of old decommissioned guns and rehabilitate them, giving them a newer and peaceful purpose in life, turning them into electric guitars. You probably would chicken out everyone on a subway though, if you walked in with something like this strapped to your back. Called escopetarras, a portmanteau of the Spanish escopeta meaning “rifle” and guitarra meaning guitar, César López’s design seems to be a healthy way to recycle old guns!

    Posted in Recycle on May 25, 2011
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    Speaker system chiseled out from recycled tires and junkyard scrap by Jinsheng Wang

    Designer Jinsheng Wang set out on a scavenger hunt lately and brought back a bunch of tires, and after hours of clever craftsmanship, had these rubber wastes converted into fully functional speakers that were shown off at the ICFF 2011!. This isn’t the first time we’ve come across speakers being made from unusual stuff though, including paper ceramic. Wang’s Gypsy Wheel project was made completely from scrapped out pieces from dump yards, including tractor tires, audio electronics, speakers, typewriter parts, toys and music stands.

    Posted in Recycle on May 24, 2011
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    Metal Captain Jack Sparrow made from recycled car and machine parts

    It’s all about Pirates these days, with Gore Verbinski’s latest, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides surfacing. Krittayakorn Chaijit’s Kreatworks Studio, based in Bangkok, Thailand, came up with this amazing piece of art, made from recycled car and machine parts, a 9 foot tall replica of Captain Jack Sparrow. Weighing about 1000 pounds, the replica was made from scrap metal, car parts and machinery parts, with a touch of Steampunk to it.

    Posted in Recycle on May 23, 2011
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    Outdoor furniture line by Bystell made from recycled material grows greenery

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen furniture with a green touch. Conceived by Bysteel, this snow-white furniture set meant for the outdoors works great as a place to grow some green too. Made from matte white lacquered aluminum, the tables of this furniture line have dedicated spaces in their centers to grow savory herbs, pretty flowers or probably a stunted tree. Also, these pieces of outdoor furniture are made from recycled materials harvested and refurbished by Bysteel.

    Posted in Recycle on May 23, 2011
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    Dutch artist creates pictures from scrap painted pieces of wood

    Artists have their own ways with recycling. We’ve seen some pretty astounding artifacts made from recycled stuff before, including a Mona Lisa made from trash. Dutch artist Diedrich Kraaijeveld too thinks of a scrap-yard as a treasure chest for inspiration and material to create his art. Before beginning his work, Kraaijeveld sets out on scavenger hunts for wood pieces of the same shade and uses these painted pieces of scrap wood to create masterpieces that replicate photographs including this Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

    Posted in Recycle on May 23, 2011
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    Andrea Ponti’s Life water-bag made from recycled paper is fully recyclable

    Centuries ago, human beings had no clue what a plastic bottle was. Instead, they used skin-made water bags to carry around water. With the world today being chocked by plastic waste every single day, designer Andrea Ponti decided to give us a better and environment friendly way to carry around water with the Life bag. This paper-made water container has been conceived for the Milano Expo 2015 and works as a one-time-use means to carry water. Made from natural cotton and recycled paper, this green bag is completely recyclable, keeping chemical inks and other harmful substances at bay.

    Posted in Recycle on May 20, 2011
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    Mini uses recycled bits of paper for Swiss billboard advertising campaign

    Automotive firm Mini came up with an innovative and creative way to advertise, a billboard made from bits and pieces of recycled paper. The idea for this one was conceived by DraftFCB for Mini and will be used by the company for an advertising campaign in Switzerland. Discarded posters from other brand campaigns were used for this one, carefully ripped into precise bits using a stencil to for the car’s body and shape and the lettering, Be Mini. With this, Mini’s trying to put out the idea of its cars being simplistic and sticking to the essentials, without redundant material and such being used and wasted.

    Posted in Recycle on May 18, 2011
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    Wedding dress made from recycled bottles, a bridal step towards the alter of recycling

    After just having recently stumbled across a prom-dress made of recycled candy wrappers, we came across yet another progeny of recycling, this time a wedding dress. Made from recycled bottles, this wedding dress was designed by UK-based eco designer and artist Michelle Brand in honor of the recent wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Using about 1,110 bottle bases, 6,512 bottle tops and 9,440 tags to create this one, the dress weighs in at 10kgs (22lbs) and is christened Green with Envy.

    Posted in Recycle on May 13, 2011
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    Office chair made of 95% recycled materials works as gym equipment too

    Yet another innovative and clever design, the offspring of recycling, the GymyGym serves the purpose of resting your backside and giving you a bit of exercise too! We’ve known office chairs to be unhealthy, given that people spend hours on these, causing harm to the spinal cord. Well, this office chair chooses to differ. Made from 95% recycled materials, the chair is a perfect way to remain seated for office-going eco-conscious fitness freaks. The chair allows users to perform 4 different types of exercise routines while sitting and standing, allowing you to exercise your legs, arms and other muscles in the bargain.

    Posted in Recycle on May 12, 2011
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