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    Fire Extinguisher Speakers ignites the passion for music

    Akin to Midas’s golden touch, folks with a green thumb can turn anything in to a green product. An eye to see green in every discarded or cast off stuff is all that is needed to earn a prize for the best ‘Best out of Waste’ product. Strannik from Russia is gifted with this knack and here is his red hot recycled creation. This dude has transformed the used fire extinguishers in to outstanding functional loud speakers. A must have for a fireman’s den, such speakers will ring out a person’s passion for fighting fire and also love for music. Though lots of expertise is required for such a DIY modification, these red hot fire extinguishers will put out all the strenuous pains by doling out foot taping tunes. Roll over for more images….

    Posted in Other Stuff on November 3, 2008
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    Recycoool – Furniture made out of recycled car tire tubes

    If you live nearby a tire dumping ground this could be a great idea to work on, the Recycoool is a new inflatable concept furniture which is made from used up tire tubes. The design is proposed by an Israeli designer Nir Ohayon who had set out to create furniture that was unique and yet costs not more than $100. The design looks straight out of the movie Antz which was based on the ant kingdom, there needs to be more such recycling initiatives if we are to have a more sustainable environment.

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 6, 2008
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    The most Eco-Friendly and cute letter opener

    Well, here is something on the lighter side. Save electricity and be entertained at the same time.

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 15, 2008
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    Gas Balloon over Paris to indicate pollution levels

    helium_balloon.jpg If you want to know how clean or filthy the air over Paris is, then very soon all you will need to do is look yonder to the Helium filled balloon that will indicate the pollution levels. Aérophile has announced the launch of AERO30NG Aérophile 5500 model, which is located in the Parc Andre Citroën in Paris. This balloon is filled with 6,000 cubic meters of helium and will serve as a tourist attraction as well as green-consciousness. Several sensors set up by Airparif, an organization that measures air quality in France, will collect air pollution data from all over the city. After computing the data, the Aérophile balloon will display two measurements: ambient air quality and air pollution produced by auto emissions, which is measured at major traffic junctions. The balloon’s color indicates the ambient air quality using three projectors that are located in the middle of the balloon. Red signifies highly polluted air, orange for polluted, yellow for moderate, light green for clean, and green for very clean.

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 10, 2008
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    Sewage plant to be named after George W Bush

    Everyone wants to remembered after they are long gone, be it as a wage memory or as a legend of their times. When it comes to being the President of the USA, it’s not that hard to be forgotten considering the remarkable achievement one already may possess in being a president of any country. Nevertheless, no one would like to be remembered or even associated let alone be named after a garbage dumping ground. The Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco wants to switch the name of the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant. Supporters hoping to put the issue on the November ballot turned in more than 10,000 signatures to San Francisco election officials. It takes just over 7,000 valid names to qualify and the group expects to find out later this month whether they made it.

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 10, 2008
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    Shanghai plans a zero carbon emitting city by 2050

    There is a recent craze in reducing the amount of carbon emissions, and many are going so far as proclaiming of building an entire city that does not depend on any fossil fuels to cause any environmental damage whatsoever. China as always does not want to be left far behind, after the debacle of being listed as the largest contributor of Co2 into the environment it wants to clean up its act. Its announced building a fully self sufficient, zero carbon emitting Eco-city by the end of 2050. The city sits near the eastern tip of Chongming, the world’s largest alluvial island in the mouth of the Yangtze River. Developers hope the community will become home for up to 400,000 people across 30 square kilometers – about half the size of Manhattan. Currently, the city has ten wind turbines along the boundary, which will run on energy from sources including wind, solar power and biogas from municipal waste. Generating electricity from wind is estimated to be at least twice as expensive as using coal. Electricity from solar power could be ten times as expensive. Yet it seems saving the environment is at the forefront of Chinas agenda and it’s nice to know it will value green power over cheaper and harmful alternatives. The city is expected to house about 400,000 residents by the time it is completed in 2050. Improved access could make Dongtan the new home of wealthy commuters

    Posted in Other Stuff on June 27, 2008
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    US Defense feels the pinch as oil prices soar

    There was a time in the early 1990s when Fighter pilots would use their government allotted fighters to fly to remote locations for golf matches with teammates who were co-pilots in some other part of the country. Those days pilots never even imagined that the prices of fuels would rise to such levels. A $1 per barrel increase in the price of oil costs U.S. $130 million. A B-52 bomber has a 50,000 gallon fuel tank, when all filled up, his fleet of 60 plus B-52s hold a total of 5 million gallons of JP-8 jet fuel. Defense planners are now looking to alternative fuel sources and synthetic fuel blends to help cushion the impact of rising oil prices. The goal is to have every aircraft using synthetic fuel blends by 2011.

    Posted in Other Stuff on June 19, 2008
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    400,000 black colored balls to protect LA reservoir

    Why do you think a group of water and power workers in LA decide to throw 400,000 black colored balls into the water? At first glance it may appear like some art work in action; however it’s more for the benefit of the people of L.A. Nothing could be better than shading. It is an action intended to protect the quality of L.A. drinking water and preventing it from becoming a health hazard. An abnormally high level of bromate was detected last year in the water reservoirs and this signaled the prevention measure.

    Posted in Other Stuff on June 13, 2008
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    Centralized printing is a greener office solution

    When it comes to IT infrastructure the immediate environmentally focused goals include ensuring that all its PCs, laptops, and servers meet the highest level of energy efficiency and have a minimal number of toxic components. It is planning centralized power management on its PCs, as well as extending the life of PCs from three years to four years to keep them out of the landfills for as long as possible. But what about other waste like the misuse of paper for un-necessary notifications or memos among colleagues. San Francisco wants to cut its paper use in offices by 20 percent as part of its new environmental strategy for the city. One great way to reduce paper waste is the centralization of printing to one printer per floor. Of course this may cause an epic panic if say one printer gets jammed and the entire floor’s print jobs are routed to the other floors. It would be the ultimate logistical nightmare if no one really knew which printer got the job done. San Francisco uses about 215 million sheets of paper per year, spending about $946,000 on paper. That doesn’t account for some of the other expenses involved with printing, such as the ink and the hardware. But the city wants to become more environmentally responsible.

    Posted in Other Stuff on June 11, 2008
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    Laughing gas enters atmosphere, will not cause mass hysteria

    The Northern Ireland Department of the Environment said workers at Albion Chemicals Ltd. poured nitric acid into a disposal container that was contaminated, causing a reaction that produced plumes of nitrous oxide. This caused a massive cloud of smoke which initially appeared toxic, firefighters and police men jumped in their cars and rushed to the scene. Protected by their equipment including gas masks, firefighters sprayed the gas cloud with water mist and rushed on to halt any leaks in the sewage.

    Posted in Other Stuff on June 11, 2008
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