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    Eco-friendly ‘Valentine to Times Square’ sculpture at Times Square, New York

    New York is celebrating Valentine’s Day in a different style this year. City based architects, Gage/Clemenceau Architects have sculpted out an eco-friendly heart-shaped artwork to reflect the green spirit of the city. Dubbed as “Valentine to Times Square”, this sculpture can be found at the Duffy Square at the center of Times Square from the eve of the Valentine’s day till 22nd Feb. The ten-foot tall temporary monument reflects the lights and energy of New York’s Times Square on a delicate latticework of stainless steel. And this is lit by love’s shades of red, pink and purple by colored LED lighting across robot-carved shelves of horizontal luminescent Corian in Strawberry Ice. Ok so lets get to its green persona.

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 10, 2009
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    Win $100 worth of goodies for your Valentine on Gizmodiva

    With just five days to go, the markets are flooded with numerous options of attractive Valentine Gifts. Have you picked up one for your love or still on a hunt for something that will be easy on your wallets and also please the recipient? Gizmodiva is out to help its readers with a special Valentine gift! Teaming up with Vidafine, they are offering a chance to win a cute bundle that includes ‘kissing and cooking mugs’ & ‘dancing plates’ for a romantic dinner along with his and hers mini wire keepers for ipods. The love-filled prize also includes a ‘love on a rope’ couple’s pillowcase set for resting your heads as you stare into each others eyes and lastly the most important DND door hanger for privacy.
    Any one from any corner of the globe can be the lucky winner of this Vidafine Valentine special bundle. Put your luck to test by simply penning down your most memorable Valentine’s Day experience here.
    The contest ends on 11:59pm (Eastern Time) on February the 12th, 2009, so be sure to mail in your love-filled experience before that!

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 9, 2009
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    Social-environmental Station is the environment traffic light –Greener Gadgets Design Competition

    Red, green, yellow…..are the most universal and basic form of instructions that most humans from any corner of the world can follow on a road. I am talking about the traffic lights that never fail to alert the driver to maintain discipline on the road. Based on the same subject, Hernando Barragan from Colombia has designed the Social-environmental Station which is actually an Environmental traffic light. This ingenious concept is designed to educate and raise the awareness about the critical state of our environment. Instead of Stop. Wait and Go, this green traffic signal will display precise figures about the CO2 and other non-earth-friendly elements in the environment.

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 9, 2009
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    Solar Punch, the solar-powered music band doles out eco-friendly musical message

    Music is the most welcomed medium to spread a message or raise awareness. And Solar Punch, the world’s only solar-powered music band has initiated the musical environmental movement to bring all the music lovers’ attention to our not-so-green earth. Soaking only the sun’s energy to power up their instruments, the band also has back up provisions for areas that don’t receive generous amount of sunlight. They can feed your ears with solar powered music for six long hours on one charge only. This New York based band recently completed their tour in India in collaboration with Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) as part of the 2009 Climate Solutions Road Tour. And as they moved about India, they traveled by three electric cars, a solar powered van, another van running on waste vegetable oil and a truck running on biofuel. By doing so they left plentiful green musical footprints but managed to reduce their carbon footprints to zilch.

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    Win an eco-friendly Matt & Nat bag by tipping about ways to recycle plastic bottles

    Readers, it is time to take a break from reading about all the green products and technology on Greenlaunches. Spare a few minutes to churn out some interesting recycling ideas for used plastic bottles. Instead directing them to the landfills, all of us can put them to some big or small use in our innovative way.
    Here is your chance to participate in a contest that will help to raise awareness of the need to recycle plastic bottles and also win a utility gift made from the same.
    Simply write in the comment box or mail to [email protected] about your personal ideas along with pictures if you have shaped up some noteworthy DIY recycled plastic stuff.
    Winner of this green contest will walk away with a $300 cool uni-sex Matt & Nat bag that is recycled out of 15-55 used plastic bottles. And since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, eco-divas and eco-dudes stand a chance to win this stylish green bag to gift it to the love of their life. It’s the best way to display your love for this planet as well as your lover.
    Last date – The contest ends on 11:59pm (Eastern Time) on February the 12th, 2009. The winner will be notified on by email on February the 13th, 2009 and announced on February the 14th, 2009.

    Essentials –
    Please mention ‘Contest’ in the subject line. One entry per individual. Please ensure that you use a valid email address and name for identification.
    Check out more images of the earth-friendly bags after the jump……

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 7, 2009
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    D1 Spas’ eco-friendly Diamond Staycation kit renders a green touch to the red day

    Diamond Staycation_1.jpg
    Its time to worry less about the environment and spare more time to zero down on a luxurious Valentine’s gift for the love of your life? But what if you could combine both, love for environment and your spouse for this year’s Valentine day? Dimension One Spas has a lovely solution for folks want to celebrate the lover’s day in an eco-friendly and luxurious manner. Turn you backyard into eco-oasis with D1 Spas’ eco-friendly Diamond Staycation kit. For $10,000, you can soak in a sparkling, heart-shaped, Diamond Dupree Bay home spa meant for two. And that’s not it. Woo the lady with a pair of earth-friendly, 1 karat moissanite earrings. Since no Valentine Day is complete without chocolates, the kit also includes organic chocolates to nibble on.

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 6, 2009
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    Bware Water Meter helps to conserve water – Greener Gadgets Design Competition

    Beware, today I picked up a water meter concept from the top 50 entries of the Greener Gadgets Design Competition. As we go about our daily chores of washing and cleaning, along with grid energy, its the water usage that demands attention too. Since most of the times, people turn the tap on and turn a blind eye to the amount of water wasted, Israeli designer Ariel Drach has designed the Bware Water Meter to keep a tab on water consumption. This tiny meter can be fitted on to any taps, showers, pipes to count the amount of water utilized. Thread it up to the threading on the device or pipe and watch the figures displayed to get a clear picture about water abuse. Made out of recycled ABS, such an eco-friendly water saving kit helps us to be value the most valued natural resource. Powered by the water stream, it eliminates the need of grid connection too. The Bware advance kit will include Wi-Fi connection and log software, making it easier to trace the water usage.

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 5, 2009
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    A liter of Orange juice spawns triple carbon footprint than bottled water

    water_versus_oragne juice.jpg
    We have been harping about the plastic menace, thanks to the trend of quenching thirst with bottled water. Not many prefer to carry a bottle of water from home and opt for a bottle of water or juice of the shelf when thirsty. And as most of think that sipping water from a plastic bottle will burden the environment more than gulping from a pack of orange juice than here is a green revelation. Latest study states that carbon footprint of Tropicana’s Pure Premium orange one liter juice exceeds that of Fiji’s one liter bottle of water by 0.65kg. Though the figure may appear to be insignificant when read as zero point six five, when calculated it turns out to be 3.6 times more. The total figure includes emissions from the time of growing oranges to shipping them to US shores. So next time you want to satiate your thirst, you need to think about the carbon footprints too before choosing from a bottle of water or juice. What would you quench your thirst with?

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    Eco-Friendly Cremation Urns for a green journey even after death

    Why only live with a strong passion for our environment when one can even follow the same after death! Let your loved ones rest in peace without harming the planet by housing their remains in eco-friendly cremation urns. Choose from a range of earth-friendly options by Richard Lamb New Traditions to display the cremated remains in a visually appealing manner. Crafted out of sustainable bamboo and 50% recycled steel, such green urns allows folks with eco-conscious o stay green to the very end. Designed to be stylish, such urns also blend well with the well-done interiors, providing a peaceful homage to loved ones. For about $400-$500, such eco-friendly urns have lesser impact on the environment after burial. Though not too pocket-friendly!

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    Vote now for the best of the Greener Gadgets Design Competition

    Many consumer electronics companies, ecologists and innovative designers have been working to shape up the greenest functional gadgets. And here is your chance to choose top ten finalists of the current Greener Gadgets Design Competition on Core77. Vote for any of the 50 short listed finalists and help to pick the Top 10 to be judged live at the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City on February 27th. Since the competition aims at generating outstanding design innovations for greener electronics, please vote for entries that focus on designs that promise to minimize the environmental impact of consumer electronic devices at any stage in the product life cycle. Watch out as we follow this green craze with zest!

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 4, 2009
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