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    Siemens builds world’s longest wind turbine rotor blades

    Global powerhouse Siemens has recently developed the world’s longest wind turbine rotor blades measuring a massive 75 meters each. They are set to install the rotors off the coast of Denmark at by Autumn 2012. The rotors will be installed at the local landscape at Osterild, which is Denmark’s national test centre for large wind turbines in a prototype six-megawatt offshore wind power system. The unit is designed to maximize energy yield at offshore locations such as inland waters with moderate wind resources to the most exposed offshore sites. The commendable feat is achieved through the mammoth B75 blades that are manufactured in one, smooth piece with no joints, using its IntegralBlade process.

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 3, 2012
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    EDV-01 Disaster Response Unit is an energy-efficient, self-sufficient emergency pad

    Only a land battered with emergencies on a frequent basis would administer the will and resources to create a functional combat. The EDV-01 is a disaster response unit developed by Daiwa Lease and it is kitted out with the basic infrastructure that could allow two people to live comfortably for a whole month, with supplies to water, electricity and communication equipment. It is a two-storied structure, with kitchen, bath and toilet on the first floor and living space on the second. The system uses solar power system on the roof and fuel cells underneath to store energy during night. In the event of communication network failure, the satellite linkup is established to keep contact with the outside world.

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 31, 2012
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    Denmark opens first bicycle superhighway between Copenhagen and Albertslund

    The Danes love their bicycles, so much that a 11 mile bicycle superhighway built between Copenhagen and Albertslund faces regular two-wheeler traffic every day. Uninterrupted by busy main streets and gas-powered traffic, this superhighway passes through nature’s very best and is the first of the 26 bicycle routes to be built connecting Copenhagen, encouraging people to choose their bicycles above gas-guzzlers. As fossil fuels quickly near extinction, the world’s been looking for cleaner and greener ways to get around, and the good old bicycle still remains an unbeaten mode of transport for many. All said and done, we applaud the Danes and the authorities in Denmark for this spectacular and visionary project being undertaken and hope that these bicycle superhighways show up around the globe too!

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 20, 2012
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    BMW and Toyota join hands to develop better fuel cell and EV technology

    We’d got wind of BMW and Toyota planning a joint venture lately and speculations have been put to rest as the two automobile giants have officially announced the collaboration. As per reports, the companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop low carbon technologies including a fuel cell system, architecture and components for a new sports vehicle, electric car drivetrains and fuel-saving, lightweight technologies! Together, the manufacturers look forward to developing better, cleaner and more eco-friendly vehicles for the world to drive in future, in an attempt to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and pull down carbon emissions in the air.

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 2, 2012
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    Energy-efficient vending machine by Coca Cola cools during the night time

    Vending machines that pop out chilled cans of soda are essentially refrigerators that more often than not suck in considerable amounts of energy. Throw in a few hundred of these and scatter them around a city and you’re bound to strain the electricity grid more than ever. Coca Cola, the cola company that has one previous account taken initiatives to move towards greener practices, has come up with a groundbreaking innovation, a vending machine that keeps drinks cool without using power for up to 16 hours! Being developed in partnership with Fuji Electric Retail Systems, the A011 vending machine uses energy at night instead of the day-time and continues to keep the drinks cool inside during the thereafter. Using vacuum insulation and an airtight design, a vending machine like this could save soft drink manufacturers millions and could very well lead to a more eco-friendly tomorrow!

    Posted in Other Stuff on June 29, 2012
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    IBM develops eco-friendly energy-saving cooling system for Europe’s fastest supercomputer, the SuperMUC

    Cooling down a supercomputer isn’t a breeze, and to keep Europe’s fastest and most powerful supercomputer calm and cool, IBM has come up with a revolutionary technique for the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre Campus, the home of the SuperMUC. Using warm water at 113°F, this giant cooling system is claimed to be 4,000 times more efficient than the conventional air cooling system that’s has been known to suck larger amounts of energy. Also, the new system will help the facility save a whopping $1.25 million annually while significantly reducing its carbon footprint. IBM’s development is also more compact than the air cooling systems used today and if incorporated worldwide, this could pretty much turn data centers more energy efficient!

    Posted in Featured, Other Stuff on June 28, 2012
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    The Powerbag charges up mobile devices on the go

    powerbaglead.jpgA battery running dry isn’t really one of those situations the most of us cope with without so much of a tantrum. Well, if you’re the type who loves their devices replenished and ready to use all the while with juicy batteries, here’s a great way to have all your gadgets juiced up on the go! Called the Powerbag, this amazing piece of luggage was unveiled at the CES 2012. Now, the bag in particular isn’t really a fashion statement and is bound to make you look like a dork, though that’s the price you pay for juiced-up devices on the go. Sporting a battery that feeds up to four mobile devices simultaneously, this $140 bag makes sure your devices never go parched, keeping you connected to the world of technology, while away from power grids and electricity sockets.

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 9, 2012
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    Solar powered warning sirens to be installed at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

    Sirens are meant to alert people around in case of an emergency. However, when electricity fails in such emergency situations, these sirens are rendered useless without proper backup. Keeping this in mind, the Tennessee Valley Authority has planned to install solar powered sirens at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant that will scream out loud, even without grid power supply. Using a DC battery backup as well as a solar powered backup system, backup systems will be installed at three facilities at the cost of $7 million with the sirens finally being fitted into place by March 2012.

    Posted in Other Stuff on December 16, 2011
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    Rockefellar Center Christmas Tree lights up with 30,000 solar LEDs

    While New York sees it every year, the rest of the world has awed at its magnificence through movies. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a legendary icon and every festive season since 1933 has been more colorful in mid-town Manhattan with scintillating lights from this majestic tree. This year, the 74-foot Norway Spruce is lit up with 30,000 LED solar powered bulbs. Combining brilliance with an eco-thought, this year’s tree will further serve heart-warming causes, namely, having the wood provided to homes for Habitat for Humanity. Also, the tree’s pulp will be used to make paper for children’s books. This is what a festive season signifies – a big heart and concern for the mankind at large.

    Posted in Other Stuff on December 2, 2011
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    Massive Scottish wind turbine sports its own helipad!

    Scotland seems hell-bent on turning its grid 100% renewable-energy-powered and has been using the wind to its advantage since quite a while now. And to add to all that green juice, the Scottish are now preparing to bring in a colossal wind turbine, big enough to have its own helipad! From the looks of the rendered image of the same, this mighty turbine will sport a helipad to get the engineers to the top for maintenance work, since no-one in his right mind would attempt climbing a wind turbine this tall. To be located 70 feet offshore, the turbine is expected to generate six megawatts, enough to lighten up a few thousand Scottish homes.

    Posted in Other Stuff on November 24, 2011
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