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    Victoria’s Secret Becomes Detox Angel

    Victora’s Secret has pledged to detox its underwear, in response to a Greenpeace investigation that revealed the lingerie retailer has been lacing its dainties with harmful substances. Limited Brands, which also owns La Senza, has promised to remove all traces of phthalates – endocrine-disrupting baddies linked to all kinds of sexual health problems, genital deformities, and ironically, premature breast development in girls, by 2020. This isn’t the first time Victoria’s Secret has been in trouble for toxic underwear. In 2003, the label hastily removed carcinogenic chemicals from its bras and panties. In 2008, they were taken to court after women suffered scarring and rashes due to formaldehyde contaminated products.

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 24, 2013
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    President Obama Goes Green at His Second Inauguration

    At yesterday’s second inauguration of President Obama, the newly re-elected President did his best to prove his awareness of environmental issues, with the creation of a 10,000 square foot inauguration platform made from wood harvested using methods that protect water quality, biodiversity and habitats for endangered wildlife. Not only was it environmentally friendly, but it was also strong – holding the President, his cabinet, former Presidents, Beyonce and her large rear end. Attention was also given to waste reduction, recycling and diversion plans during the ceremony.

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 22, 2013
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    New Model Panasonic “Ene-Farm” Home Fuel Cell 95% Efficient

    Since its launch in May 2009, around 21,000 Ene-Farm Fuel cells have been sold in Japan. With the launch of the new model, Panasonic are hoping for more. The price has been cut (from approximately $30,700 to $22,320 – not including installation), lower energy needs can now be catered for (the latest cell can supply 200-750W), it is 95% efficient, has an operating life of 60,000 hours and can cut CO2 emissions by around 49%. Using chemical reactions, rather than combusting fossil fuels, fuel cells like the ‘Ene-Farm’ are more environmentally friendly than traditional power sources. Using a fuel processor, the cell takes hydrogen from the city gas supply and reacts it with oxygen in the atmosphere to produce heat and hot water. The remote control included with the latest model also monitors CO2 emissions for the fuel cell and also should any solar panels be installed in the home.

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 21, 2013
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    Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay – The World’s Largest Climate Controlled Greenhouse

    Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay opened in the summer of 2012 and was quickly recognised for its innovative design. Awarded World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2012 and best display buildings for the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay are examples of eco friendly architectural initiative.

    Posted in Featured, Other Stuff on January 18, 2013
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    China sells 500,000 breathing masks in two days

    We recently reported on Beijing’s environment being choked out of life recently. As air pollutions soared to a hazardous 993 micrograms per cubic meters, the city was engulfed with pollution. This led to traffic pulling off streets, flights being cancelled and people locking themselves indoors.

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 18, 2013
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    Beijing experiences hazardous air-pollution levels!

    And as the rest of the world is diligently moving towards a greener tomorrow, folks in Beijing are suffering from a terribly polluted environment. The city experienced extremely high pollution levels that actually led to the government setting up emergency measures. The city was choked with smog with air pollution levels crossing the 300 mark, considered dangerous by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), finally touching a hazardous 755 level!

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 16, 2013
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    NASA develops new compression technique to dispose trash in space

    Tossing out waste on earth is a breeze. Tossing waste while out in space isn’t such a smart idea however! Instead, researchers from NASA’s Ames Research Center in California have come up with a fantastic way to put waste to rest. The team has designed a compactor that melts waste without incineration. An extremely efficient process, this compactor is capable of transforming a day’s worth of waste into an 8-inch diameter tile.

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 9, 2013
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    MOSS by Victor Vetterlein: Concept office units to work from home

    All of us would love to work from home if given the opportunity. American designer Victor Vetterlein has explored this possibility with his conceptual office units. The concept units are designed to be bought up by companies and sent out to employees’ back gardens to enable them to work from home. The conceptual project is dubbed MOSS – Micro Office Systems Space, and is described by the designer as a “self-contained auxiliary office unit.”

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 8, 2013
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    Cermak road in Chicago earns the title of the greenest street in America

    A street in Chicago has paved the way for future environment friendly streets. Earning the title of the “greenest street in America” is Cermak road in Chicago. The title was conferred upon this street by Chicago Department of Transport (CDOT). A fine example of a green street, it comprises of natural landscaping, bicycle lanes, wind powered lighting, storm water diversion for irrigation, drought-resistant native plants and innovative “smog-eating” concrete. Opened to public in 2012, this first phase two mile stretch is part of the Blue Island/Cermak Sustainable Streetscape project in Pilsen, which was launched with an aim of reducing overall energy usage by 42 percent.

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 8, 2013
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    Playgrounds of Toxic Waste: Superfunds In The U.S. Increasing

    Superfund sites are not “super fun,” as the name may suggest. A Superfund is an unsafe hazardous waste site that can negatively effect local people and ecosystems, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. There are thousands of known Superfund sites in the U.S. alone, and over half of the population lives within 10 miles of one or more, and most of us live blissfully unaware…that is unless the unthinkable happens and symptoms of exposure start to be noticed.

    Posted in Other Stuff on December 28, 2012
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