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    CrossFit, a green and energy-saving way to fitness

    Gyms are great to give your body a fitter edge. However, given the fact that these spaces have air-conditioning and lighting installations running through the day, they aren’t really the most environment-friendly way to fitness. Well, that’s where CrossFit steps up! This extremely popular and effective way to a healthy life turns a workout into more than just a pampering session, using gyms that more often than not, have no air-conditioning at all!

    Posted in Other Stuff on September 26, 2013
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    Solar Energy Bucket includes solar panels, an LED lamp and can heat water!

    Ah! We love stuff with more than a single use, particularly if the stuff in discussion is an energy-efficient piece of brilliance. We’ve had the pleasure of spotting this fantastic bucket by designer Chia-Yuan Pai. Called the Solar Energy Bucket, this concept is exactly what its name suggests, a solar-energy generating bucket! The bucket functions as a regular one, allowing you to fill it up with liquids. Turn it upside down and the bucket sports solar panels on its bottom that can be used to soak in the sun!

    Posted in Other Stuff on September 18, 2013
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    Mount Blanc now plays home to a self-sufficient solar-powered shelter on its peak!

    Refuge du Goûter
    Living on top of a mountain peak isn’t really as easy as it seems, particular if the mountain peak is Europe’s highest. Visitors to the peak of Mount Blanc now have some respite and a shelter awaiting them, 3,835m above sea level. Designed by Swiss firm Group H, in collaboration with French firm Decalaage, this self-sufficient shelter looks more like a space-ship waiting to take off! Made from a wooden structure with metal cladding, the structure can accommodate up to 120 people and is designed across four levels.

    Posted in Other Stuff on September 17, 2013
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    The Bicycle Elevator, a green way to ride up and down trees without electricity

    Without innovation, human life wouldn’t amount to much. Hell, we’d still be a bunch of nomadic tribes, desperately seeking ways to fulfill our most basic needs. Which is why, we consider innovation to be a gift, and which is also why we’ve fallen in love with this fantastic elevator concept we spotted riding up a tree recently. The elevator makes use of an old bicycle and to ride it, one simply needs to be seated on the bicycle’s seat and begin pedaling. The pulley system quickly begins to ascend the bicycle up to the tree-house that is nested about 30 feet off the ground.

    Posted in Other Stuff on September 13, 2013
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    Titan Aerospace unveils the Solara solar-powered atmospheric satellites

    Soon, the world won’t have to send satellites to outer-space to aide communication. Titan Aerospace has recently developed two solar-powered UAVs capable of flying on solar energy and staying up in the sky for weeks. Called the Solara 50 and Solara 60, these two solar powered aircrafts are designed to fly up to 65,000ft and include a 50m wingspan and a single large battery-powered propeller. The battery is juiced by thousands of high-efficiency solar cells placed on just about every surface of the aircrafts.

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 20, 2013
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    Landscape artist Marc Granen adds a garden to a bus roof!

    Well, homes with gardens on their roofs are a pretty sight and aren’t really an innovation that could be termed as groundbreaking. Since quite a while now, people living in urban concrete jungles, looking for green spaces, have begun planting gardens on their roofs. This obviously has lots of advantages, including a regular supply of home-grown food as well as better air quality. What caught our eye lately however, are these green roofs, which have found a home on top of public transport vehicles! Landscape artist Marc Granen came up with the idea and a system christened PhytoKinetic that uses condensation from the vehicle’s air conditioning system to water the roof.

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 8, 2013
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    Lux Gloria stained-glass solar panels are beautiful and efficent

    While many would agree that solar panels are indeed an eye-sore and don’t generally help in increasing the aesthetic beauty of a home, there are ways in which solar juice can be harvested, without causing a disturbance to a façade. Take the Lux Gloria installation for example. Designed and developed by Sarah Hall, this eye-catching stained glass installation by the Toronto artist has found a home at the Cathedral of the Holy Family in Saskatoon. To develop this, stained glass was used with embedded with solar panels for a fantastically beautiful effect.

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 31, 2013
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    Sprucing up your garden – some ideas from the future

    Summer is the best time of year to spend hour after hour in your garden, soaking up the sun while relaxing and forgetting all your troubles (if you have any, of course). However, if you look at your back yard and see that it’s been neglected because of the unusually cold spring and winter which came before it, you might feel that you’re going to have to spend more time indoors, right?

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 27, 2013
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    Norwegian town center to be illuminated by winters this winter

    A little town in Norway has shed some light on a new way to light up, literally, and is now making use of mirrors to light up its town square instead of having electricity-powered lighting installations! The town called Rjukan usually spends five whole months in darkness during the winter season. One spot in the town will remain illuminated without electricity however, the town square. For this, huge mirrors will be installed on the neighboring mountains which in turn will light up the town center by using the principals of reflection!

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 25, 2013
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    New York breaks energy use record during heat wave

    The heat wave sure seems to be causing a lot of havoc in the United States, particularly in the city of New York where residents are facing soaring temperatures since quite a while now. Besides turning the city’s population grumpy and sweaty, the heat wave has also led to a record-breaking energy usage by New York. On Friday, at about 5 p.m. EDT, New York City and neighboring Westchester County’s energy usage touched a whopping 13,322 Megawatts (MW)!

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 24, 2013
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