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    Hamwells e-Shower uses 80 percent lesser energy and 90 percent lesser water

    Hamwells has introduced an amazing new means of taking a shower without being too wasteful of water. The shower pumps out recirculating water to make it reusable and safe. This not only cuts down the water usage by 90 percent but also uses 80 percent lesser energy than contemporary showers. The filtration is considered to be so effective that water can be reused up to seven times! You could scrub yourself with the low-pressure classic feature first and then resort to the refresh cycle that splashes water at higher pressure towards you. The idea of an e-Shower also means that it is more intelligent than the soon-to-be-erstwhile faucet-only systems.

    Check Out The World’s First Liquid Cooled Gaming Laptop!

    ASUS 1
    It’s been a really big year for gaming laptops as we’ve seen the latest and greatest gaming components making their way into laptops, from PC-grade processors to desktop graphics chips and mechanical keyboards. But now Asus have gone one step further and produced the world’s first liquid cooled gaming laptop the Asus ROG GX700, and its looks incredible!

    Dutch Solar Bike Lane generates enough power to charge electric cars, power up homes!

    There’s often a complaint that solar panels are space consuming and accommodating them anywhere requires ample surface area. So why not use the roads? Those ever-expanding patches of open land that are exposed to the sun more often than other areas. Last October, Krommenie, a Dutch town, installed a bike lane that covered a 238-foot bike path. The inserted solar cells into tempered glass to turn the road into an energy generator. As astonishing as it sounds, this solar lane has generated 9800 kilowatt hours of electricity! This makes it an ideal solution to replicate in other towns, not just in the Netherlands, but across the world. This amazing source of renewable energy could then power up homes, light up streets and if optimized, even charge electric cars!

    Singapore’s Apple Store to use 100 percent renewable energy

    Apple Store makes its entry into the South East Asia region with quite a credential in tow. The store will be located in Singapore and will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy. This is a promising entry point for the brand’s retail outlet that offers a more experiential treat for its patrons. In addition to this, all of Apple’s operations in the Singapore store will also be powered by renewable energy. The model isn’t novel. It has already been reflected and implemented in the US, Europe and China. Head after the jump for a statement by Apple.

    Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller protects your child from air pollution

    Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller 1
    Taking your kid for a stroll would not necessarily be something you would really be stoked about. Not with the global pollution levels reaching new highs. The Air Shield Concept Baby Stroller is something that resolves the problem of polluted air reaching your child. The idea is fairly simple and inspired by a car that recirculates the air within the chamber rather than outside. This is made possible with a special-designed filter that keeps the air void of any impurity or grime that may be harmful for your baby to breathe in. The glass lid also doubles up as a UV ray shield. A speaker within the chamber enables parents to communicate with their child via a speaker. It also comes with a muting feature.

    In New Zealand, beer residue is driving cars

    Making beer sure involves a lot of residue that is discarded in the noblest means. But nothing compares to driving cars. The large amount of beer manufactured and consumed in New Zealand leads to plenty of leftover matter that can now serve as a brilliant substitute for fossil fuels, which are depleting soon. The matter is a slurry of yeast that wasn’t used in the fermentation, which can be further distilled and refined to result in the creation of ethanol. This matter, when treated well enough, is good enough to power your vehicle.

    Bladeless wind-turbine could save costs, generate energy moderately

    Vortex 6m Prototype
    With the world’s increasing focus on sustainable energy options, energy harvesters are sharpening their focus on wind energy. This may be among the cleanest modes of power-generation but can also be impractical and expensive most of the time. A lot has to do with the amount of space needed by wind-turbines and the overburdening freight that the blades can lead to. A Spanish company ‘Vortex Bladeless’ has developed a unique design for a wind-energy generator that has a bladeless cylinder oscillating and vibrating within it, thus generating kinetic energy, which is converted to electricity through a linear generator. The cylinder is comparatively light weight and comes without gears or bearings, thus making it more convenient to install and maintain.

    Facebook to connect off-grid areas to the internet with solar-powered drones

    facebook-drone1Facebook wants the world to signup, like, comment and share, and in order to do so, the company has stumbled across a way to “take the internet” to remote areas. Facebook will use solar-powered drones to “beam internet to devices on-ground”. This will enable people who aren’t connected to the grid to go online!

    Lumi smart light promises better eye comfort and health

    lumiIt’s a well known fact that lighting can affect our mood, sight and sleep. Some scientists also suggest that lighting affects the regulation of emotions such as happiness and sadness through our nervous and endocrine systems. So, it’s not a wonder that winter depression is so common in cold countries. Considering all these facts, a start up from Delaware has launched a new smart light called Lumi which will give you the best possible lighting for any activity. The smart light Lumi will observe your environment and adjust the lighting suitable for the activity. For example, when you are watching TV, Lumi will use the “Watching TV” preset which will give you a softer and relaxing light of 400 Ix. For activities that require more concentration, illumination will be more to facilitate better comprehension. To state the obvious, Lumi will also automatically turn on when you enter the room and vice versa.

    Carrier unveils the future of home heating and cooling solutions, the WiFi-enabled Côr

    thermostat-1When Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner in 1902, little did he know that he’d be hailed as a savior and hero even a century later! The company he founded, Carrier, has now released a more futuristic take on indoor cooling and heating systems. Called the Côr thermostat, this Wi-Fi-enabled device can be operated remotely on devices like mobiles, tablets, or desktop computers. Sporting a 3.5-inch touchscreen, the Côr enables users to monitor and control the temperature of a home remotely.