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    Eco-Gift: An Eco-Friendly 7″ Widescreen LCD Digital Photo Frame

    This festive season, are you short of ideas to gift someone with a green thumb? Why don’t you grab the Memorex’s Eco-Friendly 7″ Widescreen LCD Digital Photo Frame and be assured of reviving green memories. The eco-friendly tag can be attributed to the medium-density fiber wood substrate frame and the packaging that made of 80% recycled material. Also the manuals and other leaflets are made of 100% recycled paper. Discounted down to $70, this digital frame boasts of excellent picture quality with 480 x 234 resolution; 400:1 contrast ratio and 200 cd/m² brightness.

    Cook and Save Energy with an adjustable Oven

    energy_saving _oven.jpg
    We buy an oven according to the size of our family…..larger families means big meals which needs to be cooked in full sized ovens. However most of us do come across a situation when we just want to cook or heat up a small portion and the whole of this energy consuming gadget needs to be heated up. Matt has designed an oven for such times. He intends to heat only that part of oven that will accommodate the food product without wasting more energy to heat the rest of the space. Going by the image, it seems that this oven can be shelved and portioned according to the usage. Though Matt Gossington has conceptualized an energy saving oven concept, at this stage I am not convinced about its practicality. We would have appreciated improvised and practical eco-friendly features that can actually lure the makers to grab the design for the future kitchens. How about an alternatively powered oven that saves up on all the grid energy?

    SolarFLASH – The Solar Powered Flashing LCD key ring flashes green message

    We have been covering about many gadgets, technology and news about eco-friendly stuff that carry a substantial value in our green world. But its time to take a break from significant, bring-about-change stuff to something non- frivolous yet green product. Care to spin a solar powered flashing LCD key ring, dubbed as SolarFlash, on your finger? The sophisticated Solar Drive powers up the LCD screen to turn it completely black at least once per second. This results in a flashing screen which otherwise displays a message, logo or graphic. Feeding on very little solar energy, such a key ring is ideal for marketing your company’s brand or simply spread a green message. Completely customized, the SolarFLASH it works on a system similar to that of calculator.

    Yogen Max, a foldable laptop charger feeds on man-power

    Yogen Max.jpg
    Even when I am out on a holiday and away from the hustle-bustle of the grid-connected city-life, I need to keep in touch with the world via my cell phone and laptop. In this day and age, only an earnest saint can do with out these two uber essential gadgets. However when you are far away from a plug connection and the sun also intends to rest behind the clouds, how will you juice up your laptop? The solution lies within the Yogen Max, a foldable laptop charger from Easy Energy. This charger powers up your lappie with a foot-press kind of unit. Simply press the pedal on the charger and the site shows that your notebook will come back to life.

    Land Rover to come out with Eco-friendly phone

    land rover phone.jpg
    Tying up with Sonim Technologies, Land Rover is about set ablaze the technology highway with its own version of a mobile phone. Dependable as its name in vehicles, The Land Rover S1 and Land Rover S2 G4 by Sonim are going to be those sorts of mobile phones that are rugged and all-terrain like the namesake cars. Your piece will be able to survive salt, fog, humidity, and a 1.6-metre drop. That’s not all; these submersible phones are eco-friendly as well. Their casing will be made of post-consumer plastic and created mostly from recycled materials. Specs also include Bluetooth capabilities.

    Stylish iPhone Case with Solar Power Battery

    iPhone _Case_Solar _Power_Battery.jpg
    iPhone is not only a gadget that helps to yak or text messages with friends. We all know that this god phone comes loaded with numerous features that lures to users to keep addicted to its touchscreen for hours at end. And in bargain users are left with drained batteries. To juice up them up, you will no longer need to rush to socket on the wall or your USB charger. In fact a case that helps to safeguard your iPhone is tweaked with solar power battery to charge it up with the sun rays. Also this rechargeable battery can be powered up by connecting the iPhone case to an authentic Apple USB Power Adapter using the USB cable included with the case.

    Free eco-friendly ‘intelligent’ refrigerators for UK residents

    If your postal address reads UK, then you might stand a chance to welcome a free intelligent refrigerator into your dens. However it isn’t yet clear about how and when one can test his/her luck to chill out with this smart yet eco-friendly kitchen appliance. It is reported that 3000 “intelligent” refrigerators, which will adapt their power use to the ebb and flow of demands on the national electricity grid, are to be given away in a trial by the UK government next year. To attest its green trait, Department of Energy and Climate Change stated that based on such a dynamic demand technology, gadgets can help Britain to save about 2m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and a further £222m in energy savings.

    Eco-friendly laser printers to reduce burden on landfills

    This one is for those people who are ignorant about their carbon footprints by means of relentless printing on papers. Just recently, a company named, Brother, has unleashed two new laser printers, the HL-4040CDN and the MFC-9450CDN. Sporting an automatic duplex printing feature, these printers print on both the sides of the page which helps to reduce the wastage of paper. This means lesser papers will see their way to landfills. The first one of the duo, the HL-4040CDN, along with the dual-sided printing feature also includes 21ppm print speeds for black and white and color pages as well as maximum print quality of 2400x600dpi.

    World’s most solar-efficient clock from Seiko for greener times

    Double honors for a solar powered clock from Seiko! Listing the eco honor first, the SeikoHS533W is projected to be the world’s most solar-efficient clock. And secondly it is also touted to be the world’ thinnest too. Seiko has just announced the development of this uber green and uber thin clock to keep a tab on time in an elegantly eco style. Measuring just 8.5mm in thickness, or rather thinness, it is powered with a CR2032 battery for backup. And this backup is substantial enough to keep the clock ticking for two years without sunlight. Other wise on sunny days, just eight hours is enough to keep the hands moving on this solar powered clock from the land of rising sun. For $310, it will be sold in Japan from today onwards. We sincerely hope that it crosses the oceans to see the sun on our side of globe too!

    GreenMobile Solar Chargers power up via sunlight as well as USB

    As the latest iPower SX solar-powered charger is buzzing around the green blogs, allow me to bring your attention to a range of new solar chargers that promise to be render power that knows no boundaries. GreenMobile Solar Charger has lined up three models of green chargers that that have lithium batteries which can be charged by facing its solar panels towards the sun. Also when the sun shies away or you are in no mood to open up your blinds to let the sunshine peek in, this nifty charger gets its juice by plugging into your computer too. Boasting of compatibility with almost all the well known cell phones brands, MP3 players, digital cameras, gaming devices and other portable doodads, these eco chargers have solar panels (made of semiconductors composed of silicon) that directly transform sunlight into electricity.