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    Five reasons why you need a PC diagnostics software

    Computers are complex machines with different hardware, software, and a multitude of other components and systems that work in harmony. However, just like all complex electronic devices, PCs can also malfunction, experience technical glitches and other issues.

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on November 8, 2016
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    What to look for in an Open Source POS system

    A web-based Point of Sale system that uses PHP language script and uses MySQL as the back-end data storage. Everyone knows the definition of an Open Source POS system. However, choosing that one great open source point of sale system perfectly moulded for a particular business can be a perplexing, daunting task, for new and experienced business owners alike.

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on October 29, 2016
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    Solar-powered ebook will make unlimited reading a reality

    Picture this, reading a book out there on the mountains, reclining against an ornate bench, with not a bother about the charge of your ebook reader running out. Before you compare the experience with reading an actual book, remember that we’re talking about reading book volumes in a single device. It’s all good and possible with the Cybook Ocean ebook reader from Bookeen that offers battery charging via the power of the sun. You can continue reading for days on end and not go hobbling for a charging point. The reader is equipped with invisible solar cells at the back of it, with dedicated solar modules that add to the overall reading time. All a reader would have to do is read while outside in the sun, braving some serious tan and sun-burns and voila, you have a fully charged device to read even more.

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on February 26, 2016
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    World’s first robot-operated farm to be operational next year

    We were rather fascinated about the robot-operated farm from Japan when we heard about it. This is the world’s first such farm and aims to minimize the effort in cultivating basic crop. The idea has been put into practice and has a start date to it as well. Set up in Japan’s Kyoto, the farm aims to harvest 500,000 heads of lettuce a day. This will be the first such farm to leverage robots and create a large scale growth. Called ‘Spread’, this facility is based in Kameoka City within the Kyoto Prefecture. Human intervention is not completely cancelled though. Human planters will still sow the seeds but the rest of the farming operations will be handled by robots. The machines will handle transplanting, watering, harvesting and trimming.

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on February 25, 2016
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    Elgato Eve Energy guilts you by sharing your energy usage stats

    There’s nothing better to convince you to conserve energy than a monitor that keeps updating you with your usage stats. Elgato has introduced the Eve Energy, a device that plugs into your wall and connects with your smart device. The HomeKit-compatible device can be controlled with the accompanying Elgato app or via Siri. It updates you on the amount of energy consumed by the device that is plugged into it making you aware of which devices are the biggest energy hogs in your home. It consumes close to no energy itself. “Eve Energy was carefully designed to make your home smarter, not more complicated,” said Elgato’s CEO, Markus Fest in a press release. “It is ready to use out of the box in seconds and consumes virtually no energy itself. Eve Energy is the most elegant way to control and monitor your electrical devices.”

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on February 19, 2016
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    This LED lamp is powered by a lit candle

    Who would’ve thought that tea light candles would go on to power LED bulbs. Well, in the light of this epic discovery we marvel at the existence of an LED lamp that doesn’t have a cord or battery pack to illuminate. A single candle can set the lamp aglow for four hours. It leverages the thermoelectric Seebeck effect that generates electricity from the heat generated by the candle. The miracle is the fact that a 1 lumen candle can put out light of 15 lumens via the LED, which means it is brighter, greener and in some cases even cost effective. It’s called the Lumir C lamp seems to be the future of green lighting. It offers amplified lighting for a regular candle, something that could be considered to be very eco-friendly given that beeswax candles are eco-friendly to start with.

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on January 28, 2016
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    This smartphone charger doesn’t need an electrical outlet

    The future of smartphone charging ought to be more conducive to be more than dependence on an electrical outlet. The idea that there could well be a scenario where we do not have people at a house party crowding around the nearest electrical outlet is exciting. Swedish startup MyFC has come up with JAQ that was shown off at the CES. Basically a fuel cell charger, the contraption uses saltwater and oxygen to convert chemical energy into electricity. This power is then used to charge your phone’s battery. A card-like container holds the saltwater while the port is present on the hollowed outer shell. The JAQ presently manages to conjure power as high as 118 mAh worth of electricity. This can completely charge an iPhone 6S. These are great for a single use, post which, the stop producing chemical energy.

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on January 18, 2016
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    Hamwells e-Shower uses 80 percent lesser energy and 90 percent lesser water

    Hamwells has introduced an amazing new means of taking a shower without being too wasteful of water. The shower pumps out recirculating water to make it reusable and safe. This not only cuts down the water usage by 90 percent but also uses 80 percent lesser energy than contemporary showers. The filtration is considered to be so effective that water can be reused up to seven times! You could scrub yourself with the low-pressure classic feature first and then resort to the refresh cycle that splashes water at higher pressure towards you. The idea of an e-Shower also means that it is more intelligent than the soon-to-be-erstwhile faucet-only systems.

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on December 22, 2015
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    Check Out The World’s First Liquid Cooled Gaming Laptop!

    ASUS 1
    It’s been a really big year for gaming laptops as we’ve seen the latest and greatest gaming components making their way into laptops, from PC-grade processors to desktop graphics chips and mechanical keyboards. But now Asus have gone one step further and produced the world’s first liquid cooled gaming laptop the Asus ROG GX700, and its looks incredible!

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on December 12, 2015
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    Dutch Solar Bike Lane generates enough power to charge electric cars, power up homes!

    There’s often a complaint that solar panels are space consuming and accommodating them anywhere requires ample surface area. So why not use the roads? Those ever-expanding patches of open land that are exposed to the sun more often than other areas. Last October, Krommenie, a Dutch town, installed a bike lane that covered a 238-foot bike path. The inserted solar cells into tempered glass to turn the road into an energy generator. As astonishing as it sounds, this solar lane has generated 9800 kilowatt hours of electricity! This makes it an ideal solution to replicate in other towns, not just in the Netherlands, but across the world. This amazing source of renewable energy could then power up homes, light up streets and if optimized, even charge electric cars!

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on November 30, 2015
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