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    Energy-efficient LED lighting used to decorate Tower Bridge for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

    As the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, a team of lighting-designers and electricians decided to commemorate the memorable day by setting the iconic Tower Bridge in London aglow, in a green and responsible fashion that has left us awe-struck. Using 6,500 feet of energy-efficient LED linear lights, 1,800 LED lamps, 1,000 junction boxes and 16,500 feet of cable GE, the team managed to give the Tower Bridge a glittering diamond-like appearance when the sun goes down. The Tower Bridge will continue to gleam through the weekend as celebrations continue and will be adorned for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The lighting used for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee uses 40% less energy than traditional lighting used earlier for similar occasions.


    Posted in Awareness and Hype on May 31, 2012
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    Video game consoles studied to suck large amounts of energy during hibernation!

    video-game-consoles.jpgIf you love the environment just as much as we do, here’s a reason that’s bound to have your drop your PlayStation controller. According to a new study by the Carnegie Mellon University, video game consoles are energy suckers that are bound to lengthen your electricity bill. This particularly is because most gamers hate to switch of their consoles when unused, and hibernation mode alone sucked in 68%of all game console energy consumed in the year 2010. That’s roughly about $1.24 billion in electricity costs. Also, 1% of the total U.S. residential energy consumption in 2010 was used by gaming consoles alone, and small as it may seem, the figure is indeed significant!

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on April 24, 2012
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    African markets targeted for energy-efficient and eco-friendly electronics

    matipwili kids.jpgElectronics giants around the globe have discovered Africa to be an exploitable market to sell a range of eco-friendly and energy-efficient electronics these days. Manufacturers including South Korean electronics bigshot Samsung are now considering Africa as a great market to sell products including solar-powered lighting systems, energy-efficient televisions and appliances and a lot more. Also, given the fact that the African market contains a variety of consumer-types including those belonging to lower income groups and the brand-conscious middle class, manufacturers now have this continent in the spotlight.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on March 30, 2012
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    First solar-powered TED event to kick off at the South Pole

    The first ever TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) event to be powered by solar energy will finally kick off on the 6th of March at the South Pole. With hopes to prove to the world the usability of solar energy in one of the harshest environments ever, the TEDx Antarctica will be headed by Darren McGann from KPMG. To be broadcasted life from the Neko harbor, the TEDx event is eager to prove the fact that if alternative energy works efficiently even at the south pole, the rest of the world, particularly equatorial regions shouldn’t find it so hard to power up with solar power. We wish the participants in this event all the luck in send across a powerfully green message to the world as a whole.
    [Huff Po]

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on March 5, 2012
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    President Barack Obama prefers home grown bio-fuels to imported oil!

    obama-miami-energy-2-537x392.jpgOne thing’s for sure. The President sure prefers green renewable energy to oil and gas power. President Barack Obama in his speech at the University of Miami recently mentioned the efforts to solve power shortages that have been put into place recently. Apparently, the United States alone uses 20% of the world’s oil and has only 2% of the world’s reserves. Efforts are being put to expand oil and gas drilling, though according to the President, this isn’t the answer to energy woes. Also, the President spoke about wind and solar energy harvesting being carried on in the country and mentioned the fact that algae-based biofuels developed at home, could pretty much replace up to 17% of the oil being imported for transport purposes. All in all, the President seems to understand just how bad the global oil crises has turned out, and seems adamant on setting the United States free from complete reliance on international oil.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on February 27, 2012
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    India was 2011’s world leader in renewable energy growth

    BP--India-wind-energy-inv-003.jpgWhen it comes to turning green, India seems to have silently led the world as the foremost nation when it comes do development of environment-friendly and eco-friendly infrastructure. The nation invested $10.3 billion in renewable energy that led to a subsequent growth of 52% in the sector! Also, solar power growth shot up more than ever, with investments topping 700% over those in 2010 with a total of $4.2 billion invested in solar power in 2011. With $4.6 billion invested in wind power, India’s total investments in renewable energy contributed 4% to the total growth worldwide!

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on February 7, 2012
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    Super Bowl XLVI goes green with eco-friendly practices

    This year, the Super Bowl is all set to go green and has come up with ways to be the greenest NFL championship ever held! Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium and the Super Bowl Host Committee have worked together to turn the Super Bowl super green. With the Lucas Oil Stadium going green with 100% recycled toilet paper, water preservation faucets, CPI lighting, natural lighting and ventilation.
    Recycling will be kept in mind this Super Bowl with strategically placed recycling bins around the stadium and in hotels, restaurants and in residential areas.
    Also, the Project Plug-In initiative by the Super Bowl Host Committee has helped set up and fund two charging stations for electric cars at the stadium’s parking lot.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on February 6, 2012
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    Walmart ranks third on EPA’s list of top renewable energy purchasers in U.S.

    Walmart-Solar.jpgThe EPA pulled out yet another list of some of the greenest businesses out there, and the result this time seems to be pretty fascinating. Walmart, earlier ranked 15th for green energy purchases has moved up to the 3rd spot on the newest list by the EPA. With 872,382,088 kilowatt-hours of Walmart’s energy being sourced from biogas, wind power, or solar power, the retail giant has made it pretty clear that it means green. First up on the list however is Intel Corp, followed by Kohl’s Department Stores for the maximum green energy purchases when it comes to businesses.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on February 3, 2012
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    GM and PJM Interconnection to use OnStar system to notify Volt owners about ideal-charging-time

    onstar-1327613657.jpgGeneral Motors has come up with a great way to further give your Chevrolet Volt a greener shade. Using the OnStar navigation system, Volt owners will now be informed just when their utility companies use renewable energy sources for power generation, notifying one in regards to the ideal time to recharge the car. Currently working with utility firm PJM Interconnection, GM’s OnStar users will be notified what percentage of a grid’s power supply is coming from renewable source, helping them regulate their car-charging activities as per peak renewable-energy time. Generally for wind energy, PJM suggests the 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. timeframe. A clever way to recharge your Volt with green juice from the comfort of your home-charging-station, this move could help decrease your car’s carbon footprint substantially.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on February 1, 2012
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    California, America’s highest harvester and user of solar juice

    8.jpgCalifornia isn’t known as the Golden State for no apparent reason. This state located on the Western side of the United States has long since been known to be one of the largest producers and users of solar power, and remains so, even today! As per a report by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, California has been responsible for about half of America’s photovoltaic activity in 2010, playing home to 869 megawatts of installed capacity out of the nation’s total of 1,831 megawatts. In California, San Diego boasts the largest use of solar power, with 4500 solar-topped homes, businesses and government facilities, generating about 37 megawatts. We sincerely hope the Golden State works as a shining example for the rest of the country and the world as a whole, helping decrease the reliance on fossil fuels in the near future.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on January 26, 2012
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