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    Buckingham Palace on a lookout for a new green gardener

    Looking for a job? You think you’ve got it in you to spread some green? Well, the Queen might just be pleased to have you tending to her gardens! Recently, the Buckingham Palace put out an ad and is on a lookout for a gardener who’ll keep the royal grounds, green, clean and environment friendly. And the job sure pays well too. With a handsome package of £15,000-a-year, the garden is to be tended to the highest standards and 99% of the waste needs to be recycled. That includes waste from the Royal Mews too. That’s not all. To apply for the post, one must be able to maintain shrub, herbaceous and rose borders using good organic horticultural practices while helping develop wildlife in the gardens.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on February 8, 2011
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    TD Bank in Florida to have first net-zero bank branch powered by sun

    Depositing and withdrawing money from your bank could now be a solar powered affair, if you’ve got your stash stored up at the TD Bank in Florida that is. The bank has finally found an opened out area that could be used to generate solar energy for its branch, generating more energy than it actually consumes. This will be the country’s first net-zero branch, that will show up in Ft. Lauderdale. The branch will have power requirements of 97,000 kilowatt-hours a year. The solar panels hooked on to this one will generate a whopping 100,000 kWh a year, taken that they cover the roof, the drive-thru canopy and surround the building too.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on February 3, 2011
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    President Obama’s dream: One million electrics in USA by 2015 could be a reality!

    While President Obama is busy dreaming of the United States being the first country in the world to play home to a good one million electric cars by the year 2015, we’ve been scratching our chins and chewing our pencil tops speculating if this could truely be true! Now mainstream car companies like Ford and Chevrolet sure have popped out some pretty electric cars on the road and analysts have been predicitng the sale of at least 60,000 Volts and Nissan Leafs anually, and considering these many cars being sold by the year 201d, we aren’t all that sure of the President’s dream, taken that these really are just ballpark figures. But with a few tens of thousands of Prius vehicles and Tesla’s babies, the one million mark sure seems achievable.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on February 2, 2011
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    New York City to get Urban Technology Innovation Center for greener building tech

    The Big Apple is turning greener by the day! Just a short while ago, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched the Urban Technology Innovation Center that will work on ways to improve building efficiency and is a partnership among they city universities and business that are working towards greener building tech. No specific location has beed chosen yet for this one, funded with $250,000 from the New York City Economic Development Corp.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on January 24, 2011
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    TV zombies walk around in Vegas, spreading awareness regarding old-TV-disposal

    The CES 2011 in Las Vegas sure has helped pull the veil of a load of products that are green and eco-friendly for the world to see. It also has, at the same time, spawned a bunch of zombies last seen walking around in Vegas. The Electronics TakeBack Coalition is busy trying to draw attention to the problem with television manufacturers and their lack of responsibility when it comes to taking back TV sets, and part of the activist campaign, has had these TV-headed zombie-like people walking around, spreading awareness. CES is usually about showing of the sparkling new, and no one really spares a second though as to just how well should the good old device back home should be disposed off, especially when it comes to TV sets.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on January 14, 2011
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    The Water Vapor project, hydrating Africa with Vortex Tubes

    africa.jpgThe African Desert may not be a parched land scarce of water anymore in future, not if the ‘Water Vapor’ project dream turns into a reality. Designers Sangwook Park, Sinjeong Lee, Hoyoung Lee & Hyeonju Jo came up with the project as an answer to the African water woes, turning the barren desert into a lush green environment, hydrating the parched throats of the inhabitants. Simply using the concept of water vapors, this one uses a vortex tube that converts air in to vapor by causing temperature differences. Spinning at a rate of 1,000,000 RPM while compressing the air and releasing warm air between 30-90 degrees C, this project was also a part of the IIDA awards 2010 competition. The designer’s purpose is to create an environment where plants can live with soil moisture and water provided by the conversion of air to vapor in areas with contaminated drinking water and deserted soil.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype, Gadgets and Tech, Other Stuff on January 11, 2011
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    San Jose Council says no to plastic bags

    A short while ago, we saw the LA County imposing strict laws on the ban of plastic bags. It’s now time for the San Jose City Council to place a ban on all single use plastic shopping bags. Retailers have been barred from giving out plastic bags after a 10-1 verdict. As the New Year slowly kicks in, the ban will to, beginning from the 1st of January 2012. Non-profit organization, Save the Bay did its part in helping the ban be put into place. According to estimates, about 1 million single use plastic bags end up floating in the San Francisco Bay every year. This indeed is a staggering number and is enough to choke the living day lights out of life forms in the waters.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on December 16, 2010
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    San Francisco aims to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2020

    San Francisco hopes to turn green in the future, and the city is really serious about it this time. So serious, that Outgoing Mayor Gavin Newsom is busy making plans to have the city use 100% renewable energy that will help meet city demands. An initiative was launched and the announcement was made by the soon to be lieutenant governor of California at the speech commemorating the completion of the Sunset Reservoir Solar Project. With 5 megawatts capacity, this one is the largest municipal solar facility in the state and was completed last
    week, covering an area of twelve football fields. Huge!

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on December 16, 2010
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    Solar powered Christmas tree stands tall in Albay

    Well, even the Eiffel Tower hasn’t had as much attention lately as this awesome 60-foot Christmas tree in Albay. Now it isn’t just any Christmas tree with an angel and a star on top. This one’s powered by energy from the sun! Complete with a viewing deck and stairs, crowds of people have been visiting the Albay Christmas tree, near the Albay Aerodrome. Also, authorities have made sure the tree is safe, with only two people allowed to climb the stairs at a time, while just four people are allowed up on the deck at a given point of time. And this one isn’t fully relied on the grid. So, if ever there needs to be a power cut-off, this lovely tree will glitter bright in the darkness, shedding light powered by the energy from the sun.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on December 13, 2010
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    Procter & Gamble’s first zero-waste plant in the United States opens

    procter-and-gamble-1.jpg Procter & Gamble are hell bent on turning into a zero-waste company, and in an effort to do so, have finally pulled the veil off its first zero-waste-to-landfill manufacturing plant located in Auburn, Maine, North America. All the waste created by the company will be reused. 60% of the waste will be sent for recycling while the rest of the waste will be used to generate electricity. Currently the company has had eight zero-waste facilities in places like Belgium, Italy, U.K. and Hungary. The plant in Maine is the first of Procter & Gamble’s zero-waste facilities in the United States. The company also plans to use 100% recyclable material while manufacturing and have 100% renewable energy juicing it up. Procter & Gamble sure deserve a pat on the back for these green initiatives.

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on December 13, 2010
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