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    Symbiotic Green Wall – An eco-friendly construction site divider

    Construction sites are generally quite noisy and there is dust, and dirty everywhere. Moreover there is also a lot of ground water that is wasted mindlessly. Designed by Kooho Jung & Hayeon Kelly Choi, the Symbiotic Green Wall is a beautifully crafted dual wall system that absorbs the heat and noise generated by the construction site. The space between the two layers acts as water purification-cum-rain water harvesting system. Hence it not only collects and purifies rain water but also takes care of residual waste water from the construction site.

    Posted in Architecture on November 24, 2009
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    Skyscrapers that generate energy with solar film

    With the entire urban world turning into a concrete jungle, skyscrapers need to become more energy efficient to be sustainable. The “Re-configure sustainable skyscrapers” technology will enable skyscrapers to not only conserve solar energy but also generate energy of its own! This technique involves covering the skyscraper with dual skin. The
    outer skin of such a building will be made of Photovoltaic film “printed” on a glass surface. Such a system dual skin system is best suited for towering structures in arid climates as it makes way for passive cooling and reduces the negativity of the solar rays on the building.

    Posted in Architecture on November 23, 2009
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    Sanyo Homes – Futuristic Homes with Solar Power and Lithium-ion Batteries Backup

    Sanyo Homes, a subsidiary of Sanyo the well known electronics brand has ventured into building eco-friendly futuristic homes in Japan. They are marketing solar powered homes with lithium-ion battery back-up for night time use. These green homes come with a higher price tag but Japan government will offer huge subsidies. Also owners of these homes will have to invest once for green clean energy and can save a lot on monthly energy bills which will be nil. Moreover carbon emission, conventional energy consumption will not weigh on the conscience.

    Posted in Architecture on November 20, 2009
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    Decentralized Solar Powered Parking Design for Urban Spaces

    Green Parking space design 1.jpg
    Let’s face the truth – our urban parking spaces are choked up because of sheer increase in number of private vehicles. There is also a dearth of eco parking space in almost all modern cities. A new decentralized parking design by Alguis Berziunas and Laima Rimkute from Lithuania aptly called ‘The P is Green’ could provide green answer to our urban parking woes. It is winner on all grounds by suggesting that instead of having centralized parking space which consumes much power and needs infrastructure building, every little available urban space all over the city should be turned into solar-powered parking shelter.

    Posted in Architecture on November 18, 2009
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    Marriott Hotels to Release Prototype of Green Designs for Future Projects

    Marriott prototype green design.jpg
    Marriott International Inc is going green to keep up with changing times and will launch green prototype design of their futuristic Courtyard Brand. They also aim to get a pre-certification on the prototype design from U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED. It is expected that this design will be high on energy, water saving and low on emission. The green design will also save owners lot of infrastructure and building costs. This again shows that a green thought is extremely essential in going green.

    Posted in Architecture on November 15, 2009
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    Solar Digital Cloud Displaying Images and Data May Loom Large on London Skies!

    solar digital cloud london1.jpg
    Artists, designers, engineers and architects have put together a technological artistic wonder which could be a major tourist attraction in the Olympic Park. The Cloud, a digital wonder will consist of huge plastic bubbles on top of 400 ft towers and will use solar energy to display images, data and much more. These plastic clouds will also be observation deck and park for visitors to stroll into to catch glimpse of London Skyline. Amazing isn’t it? Dream of floating in the clouds will actually come true.

    Posted in Architecture on November 12, 2009
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    Dallas Project in Texas uses renewable sources of energy in its architecture

    With the environment degradation constantly happening, it is essential we come up with smart architectural solutions that harvest regenerative power of the environments and buildings’ natural systems. A new project which consists of a full city block in Dallas, Texas uses a novel geothermal cogeneration plant as an optimum choice for a renewable energy source. The one-million sq. ft. project also incorporates photovoltaic solar collection system. These two alternative energy resources are calculated to produce about 7.4 million kilowatt hours each year which is more than what is consumed by the project every year. The space across the building is also utilized thoughtfully with residential and commercial units along with sky parks. In addition, an inclined park at ground level provides space for a gravity-operated water scrubbing system that utilises native flora for water purification. The project’s progressive and modern design is a peep into the future of architecture in times when we have to think and act sensibly towards exploiting the potentials of renewable sources of energy.

    Posted in Architecture on November 12, 2009
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    Eko Housing Will be the Green Eiffel Tower in Dubai

    eko housing Eiffel Dubai.jpg
    If you are traveler seeking out beauty and splendor then in near future you may travel down to Dubai to see this Eiffel Tower, which is a replica design of original Eiffel in Paris. This awesome replica is in fact a futuristic Eko Housing planned for Zaabeel Park, City Center Dubai. Apart from aesthetic beauty, ambition and money 10 Raison’s Architects also seem to be investing in green design. The 24 floor housing will have some 8500 square meters of Nano solar and will be dotted with 350 palms.

    Posted in Architecture on November 11, 2009
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    New Luxurious Majestic 12-Theatre Awaits Green LEED Certification

    12-theatre majestic LEED.jpg
    The color of extreme luxury and entertainment is becoming green. Carmike’s new Majestic 12 theatre which opened recently at Chattanoonga downtown is one of the largest entertainment hubs in located right at the center of downtown. The 12 screen multiplex with large 40 feet screen and special Ovation Club screening for patrons looking for ultimate luxury also boasts of being one of the greenest multiplex. Starting from usage of energy saving LED with sensors to rain water harvesting much thought and effort has been put to make it ecofriendly. It is awaiting green LEED gold certification from U.S Green Building Council.

    Posted in Architecture on November 11, 2009
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    Eco Friendly Romanian Litro Gas Station Sets New Architectural Standards

    Romania Litro Gas Station1.jpg
    Rompetrol, a Romanian petrol group has unveiled its latest trendy Litro gas station on Bucharest-Constanta Highway. The petrol pump’s architectural design by Eight Inc. is not only modern and trendy but it is also very eco-friendly. Right from the kind of building materials used to energy efficienct equipments the environmental concern of the designers and the Rompetrol group is highly conspicuous. Kudos to the entire green effort – this contemporary architectural designs will appeal to all green conscious consumers.

    Posted in Architecture on November 9, 2009
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