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    Solar powered lights from IKEA

    Furniture guru Ikea has come up with a concept – the solar-powered garden lights. This includes lights kept placed out in the garden to collect the sun’s energy all day long and this in turn can be used for their rechargeable batteries. At night, these lights turn on with all the energy it saved from the day. The lights used are LED which consume 70 per cent less energy than conventional garden lights and lasts four times longer.

    Posted in Alternative Energy, Gadgets and Tech on March 7, 2009
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    Helmet concept to recharge batteries using wind energy

    When it comes to green thoughts, no idea is too bad. Here’s a new one. Deriving energy from wind with a replacement of a helmet with a windmill. The headgear would have a small propeller that can catch the flow of wind on top of the helmet which acts as a turbine connected to a generator to in turn recharge a set of batteries. With this stored electricity you can charge any kind of electronic devices.

    Posted in Alternative Energy on March 7, 2009
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    LED streetlight control systems under tests

    Saving power, saving money, saving economy, saving mankind. Comes in that order. So when the world is busy shifting focus to saving energy than whine on the money they have lost, one important aspect of the economy’s money spender comes under spotlight. The streetlights. To reduce operating costs, BetaLED company has come forth with two light control systems one of which will be implemented to help save money. One is a power line communication system and the other is a radio frequency system. The former communicates over the same wires that deliver power to each fixture to monitor and control streetlights that have specially-designed hardware and software and the latter uses a wireless mesh network to transmit information to a remote source.

    Posted in Alternative Energy on March 4, 2009
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    Artificial trees to be used to harvest solar-wind power

    SolarBotanic is a company which researches and specializes in an emerging tech which is dubbed as biomimicry – which seeks to mimic nature and use nature-inspired methods to solve human problems. They have developed Energy Harvesting Trees. These are not the real trees that you find in your backyard, but fake ones. These trees have Nanoleafs which uses nanotechnology designed to capture the sun’s energy in photovoltaic and thermovoltaic cell and then convert this radiation into electricity. The trees also have twigs and branches which act as generators that produce electricity from movement of wind or rain. The company has got several patents and now seeking partners for funding and development. We still don’t have any details on what these trees actually look like.

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 26, 2009
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    Coulomb Technologies’ new electric car energy station for San Francisco

    You have your fuel station, now you will have your energy station. If you own an electric vehicle and you live in San Francisco you can charge your car at any of three charging stations across the city. Coulomb Technologies announced their Smartlet Networked Charging Stations as part of a two-year public demonstration to power the city’s plug-in fleet and car share plug-in vehicles. Isn’t that a radical thought?

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 20, 2009
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    Antarctica’s most eco-friendly station powered by renewable energy

    Finally the Earth’s southern most continent can boast of green, clean energy. Eight wind turbines are rolling to provide 230V of electricity to charge up the Princess Elisabeth Station. Braving temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius and 200mph wind gusts, these Scottish 6 kilowatt turbines will be able to power up the station’s heating, computers, lights and scientific instruments for up to 16 scientists at a time. Along with the usage of solar power, this station is touted to be the most eco-friendly research station in Antarctica. Till now most stations relied on diesel generators because no wind turbines were thought to be robust enough for such extreme conditions. Enduring the most severe weather conditions on the earth, the station is expected to generate highest output of any small wind power system in the world.

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 16, 2009
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    Solar thermal power to help generate 3.7 billion kilowatt hours of electricity

    brightsource.jpgSince the sun has the energy and power to run an entire solar system, it is about time somebody thought about getting their acts to derive a large amount of energy form it. Southern California Edison and solar power plant maker BrightSource signed a deal where more than 1,300 mega watts of energy will be generated from the desert outside Los Angeles. This deal may be able to provide electricity for 845,000 homes. This is of course, if the plan doesn’t go wrong and if it actually works. This is huge and something this huge always has obstacles. Hopefully this one will indeed keep its oath of using solar thermal power to generate electricity.

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 12, 2009
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    Sanyo’s Solar parking area powers the electric bikes by soaking sun’s energy

    In the coming month, Sanyo’s parking area in Japan will go green with the Solar parking area to test its solar cells and rechargeable batteries. Located at the premises of Tokushima Prefecture, this solar roofed parking lot is intended to charge up the electric bikes like Eneloop via Sanyo’s HIT (heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer) solar panels and Li-ion battery unit. To promote the use of the same, folks from Eneloop company have donated three vehicles to be used as official vehicles. Since many people are still wary about easy access to charging stations for charging such electric bikes, this kind a green move by a company is a boost for its people to opt for the green vehicles. Fitted with three 210W HIT solar panels and a Li-ion battery unit, the solar parking area will be able to churn out about 690kWh in a year.

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 12, 2009
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    Solar powered digital billboards to replace eye-sore LED ones

    Isn’t it annoying when you are stuck in traffic and a bright billboard screws your normal vision even worse than a high beam does? Well, thanks to magink, you might be solved of that torture soon. The company known to develop and provide full colour reflective digital solutions introduced this 3D technology using solar power and light reflecting digital ink to replace the conventional LEDs used on billboards. Lamar Outdoor Advertising used these billboards to promote their run to a greener world using eco-friendly techniques.

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 12, 2009
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    Butterfly wings for solar energy

    Scientists have discovered a very interesting form to derive solar energy. The inspired object is the butterfly wing. As is prevalent on the tiny wonders’ wings, it has tiny scales on the surface which act as solar collectors. Keeping this concept in mind, intelligent researchers in China and Japan have formulated a way to possibly derive solar energy, a way to harvest light. They are planning to work upon the dye-sensitized solar cells which are used in solar cells. So what some scientists did was, take a copy of the solar scales on butterfly wings and used them as a template on the dye-sensitized cell and they noticed that this one’s efficiency was much better than the original ones.

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 10, 2009
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