• The LooWatt toilet transforms poo to energy

  • LooWatt.jpg
    Virginia Gardine has taking poo to the next level, literally! She is the woman behind the innovative design of LooWatt, a toilet that converts excreta to energy. To begin with, LooWatt is made of 90% horse dung and features a biodegradable lining that stores excrement in a sealed, odor-free container. Once full, the container has to be emptied in an outdoor biodigestor, which in exchange provides a free source of biofuel for cooking. This low-cost mechanical eco commode encourages people to trade in their waste for biofuel and who would have thought excreta could do that! This design may be useful in many developing countries where installation of sewage systems is impossible, and improper waste disposal spreads many devastating waterborne diseases.

    LooWatt has already won several accolades for its innovative design, concept and functionality. It was recently awarded an honorable mention from the AIGA Aspen Design Challenge, and was a finalist in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. You can also be a part of this revolutionary project with a donation of £17 to get your very own “poo gem” – a dodecahedron molded from horse manure and £100 or more for a lovely deer-head candle holder.

    Posted in Topics:Biofuels, Tags: , on June 26, 2009