• Hotchkiss School uses cleaner biomass burners to go green

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    A school in the United States recently decided to cut short its power bills and came up with a smart strategy to do the same. The Hotchkiss School replaced its oil-burning boiler with woodchip biomass ones, subsequently reducing its energy bills as well as the carbon footprint. The effort reduced the carbon footprint of the school by a sweet 45%. The building also now sports a green-roof, making it an LEED-certified facility.

    Now the biomass burners might not be completely green but they do beat oil-fired burners at efficiency, given the fact that they feed on locally-sourced woodchip instead of expensive oil. Also, an electrostatic precipitator removes 95% of particulates from the emissions given out by this burner, making it a little more environment friendly. Located in Connecticut, the Hotchkiss School is an inspiration to all educational institutions across the United States.







    [Via – Gizmag]

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