• Garbage could be the new Bio-Fuel

  • biofuel_logo.jpg Environmentalists today want giant corporations to look for alternative energy resources in trash. Until now, looking for bio fuel meant that precious food crops could become scarce since corporations would want to make the most from it. The best alternative suggested is in converting garbage into bio-fuel, taking care that agricultural waste is only used. Startups like US based Mascoma and Coskata and in Brazil by Brenco and KiOR have already set up refineries that refine waste products like corn stover and sugarcane bagassedo. Coskata’s first biorefineries will use currently available feedstock — wood chips, sugarcane waste and municipal trash. The company estimates that municipal waste could be used to produce 8-10 billion gallons of fuel annually. Industrial waste gases off of steel mills could provide another 10 billion gallons, those gases are exactly what Coskata’s microbes could eat. They’re burning bug food. Coskata is actively approaching steel producers to turn those gases into fuel.

    By next year a company called Synthetic Genomics, will be producing octane from the ultimate waste product – carbon dioxide. This will be known as the fourth generation bio-fuels, it would be great to see huge corporations profit our of our trash, and produce something worthy.

    Posted in Topics:Biofuels, Tags: , on May 26, 2008