• An organic breakdown of waste in your kitchen by Faltazi

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    The kitchen is where most household wastes are produced. These need to be disposed smartly and in a proper way. Designers Victor Massip and Laurent Lebot of Faltazi have designed a conceptual system where water is recycled and waste is broken down by worms inside the kitchen itself.

    ‘Ekokook’ as it is called, includes storage containers for packaging, a reservoir under the sink for collecting water to be reused and a container where earthworms break down organic waste.
    There is a double sink for retention, with an intermediate reservoir situated below the sink and two pitchers that collect kitchen water that has no grease scum. This enables users to recycle clean water by using it to water household plants. The earth worm composter uses earth worms to break down organic wastes.
    Slowly but surely, the accumulated effects of these eco-benefits will change our environmental footprint for the better.