• Xiao Zhu uses factory smoke as canvas to cut down on pollutants

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    This is as brilliant as it gets in ambient advertising. We see factory smoke and are well aware of how potentially hazardous it can be. Chinese whistleblowers Xiao Zhu have gone a step ahead and ensured that the smoke from factories can be used as the canvas to paint the sorry effect it has on children. In saying so, we have come to appreciate how the organization has used their powerful skyward light beams to project the heartbreaking images of children on plumes of smoke. What better an alternative to paid outdoor advertising than advertising at the source of the problem itself! The message of the campaign is clear, ‘Clean the air. Let the future breathe again’.

    China sees over 500,000 deaths caused by air pollution alone, each year. Most of the victims of the deadly gases are children. The campaign has used children as its face because of this precise reason and of course, the ominous ghost-like image sobbing down from the heavens is something that could leave a lasting impression across a large geography.

    [Via – Design Boom]

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