• WWF reaches out to answer all Queries on the Eve of COP15

  • wwf copenhagen campaign.jpg
    The most important event of the year, Copenhagen Climate Change Summit has already begun and there are many earthlings who still are in dark about the entire climate change debate, Kyoto Protocol, role of their nation, green technology and all other green basics and jargons. WWF (World Wild Life Fund) has decided to keep the world abreast of all that is happening inside the close door meetings and all agendas that are emerging or getting sabotaged on its very interesting site Inside COP15 blog. Apart from updating their blog with all latest news, WWF will be actively answering queries online on Guardian’s “You ask, they answer” page.

    It is the best time to get green education and know more about all the hype surrounding Copenhagen Summit. Keep a track of new green nations emerging and green masks falling off from some of them. Our planets future really depends on these world leaders who have converged for the meet. WWF is definitely is the leading green campaigner at Copenhagen and one really hopes their green activism/crusade pays off!
    Via Guardian