• World Toilet Summit aims to flush out sanitation issues without wasting water

  • toilet-summit.jpg Most of us answer the nature’s call without given a second thought to the amount of water wasted in doing so. I am not suggesting that we stop or avoid relieving our bowels, but certainly we can pull ourselves up for using water efficiently while doing so. With the onset of the 8th annual World Toilet Summit in Macau, issues related to affordable and environmentally-friendly sanitation will be tackled. The meeting will also focus on the grave problem of about 2.5 billion people worldwide who still do not have access to hygienic toilets. Developed countries like U.S is also struggling to tackle water efficiency and clean complete flushing issues. A study states that inefficient toilets are responsible for most of the water wasted in American homes. Though we have seen water efficient flush systems and dual flush systems hit the shelves in the recent past, this meet will focus on newer sustainable technologies. A few noteworthy ones are – self-cleaning toilets, solar-powered commodes that run without water, units that can convert waste into bio-gas, to heat water for bathing and washing.

    The event also promises a spirited debate over global codes of practice for the design and construction of toilet.