• Volkswagen’s vending machine uses old batteries for currency

  • think-blue-vending-machine-1Disposing off a used battery isn’t child’s play and these little devices that power up small gadgets are known to be extremely polluting. Apparently, a single battery can pollute more than 20 square meters of the ground around it. This is also why there is an urgent need to recycle batteries as often as possible. To encourage this, Volkswagen and DDB Russia came up with a solution, as part of the Think Blue campaign. Together, the agency and the automobile manufacturer developed a vending machine that only accepts batteries as currency!

    think-blue-vending-machine-2Over 15 million batteries and accumulators are thrown away annually in cities like Moscow. To motivate people to recycle these batteries instead, the companies introduced this one-of-a-kind vending machine that gives out anti-stress balls, bottles of water, eco-friendly t-shirts and more!


    [Source – Psfk]

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