• Vancouver charges tree-cutters a security deposit of $750 for every tree cut

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    Some sustainable actions may lead to happy community deeds while others simply enforce goodness upon the masses. This is the kind of enforcement the planet could deal with. Vancouver, for instance, has a law that pretty much settles all tree-cutting disputes. The city will collect a $750 security deposit from every person who axes down a tree. The money will be refunded only after the person proves that they have planted and cared for a tree for at least a year. This action has been decided basis an insight that over 25 percent of tree canopy has reduced over the last two decades. Moreover, those pledging to plant a new tree simply plant a sapling or a seed and let it perish. This new rule will ensure that the tree is nurtured till it is in full flourish.

    Citizens will be charged up to $500 for removing trees under eight centimeters in diameter and $750 for trees that are wider than eight centimeters. Vancouver is presently home to about 140,000 trees on the streets, 300,000 park trees and more on private properties.

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