• US Postal Service unveils 16 Forever Go Green stamps

  • gogreen-with-stamp.jpg
    The US Postal Service is doing its bit to help spread green awareness amongst citizens, with the help of green postage stamps that carry environment-friendly and inspiring messages. As part of the Go Green initiative, these stamps, 16 of them in all belonging to the Forever series include messages such as “Plant Trees”, “Adjust the Thermostat”, “Use Public Transportation” and a lot more, giving you subtle but effective reminders every time you decide to write and post a letter. Given that the snail-mail service is slowly losing its edge, due to the ever-increasing use of the internet, mailing portals like Yahoo.com and Gmail.com could also probably help spread the green with similar messages appearing on a user’s screen, while composing an email!

    We applaud the US Postal Service on its efforts to spread the green with the mail! Stamp collectors and environment-conscious individuals are sure to set out to get their hands on some of these!

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on April 19, 2011