• The top 10 clean energy producing states in the USA

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    So here’s the verdict, the cleanest states in the United States of America. A research and advisory firm called Clean Edge has come up with a list of the top 10 states portraying clean energy leadership, based on 80 different state-level indicators and more than 4,000 public and private data points across all 50 states. Besides just considering which state produces the maximum amount for clean energy, the ratings list also makes a note of government policies, venture capital, patent activity and a lot more, according to state size. Topping the list is California, way ahead from the rest with a score of 91.6, owing to all its technological innovation and abundance of natural sources to producing energy. Following California are the states of Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Minnesota and New Jersey.

    Well, it’s about time the rest of the United States checks out this list, and tries making it in the top 10. In the meanwhile, California needs some serious competition!

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