• The polluting facts of mobile phones

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    Just because your cell phone doesn’t and give out CO2, it doesn’t mean that your phone doesn’t indirectly cause a whole lot of pollution. Think again! Here’s an infographic that tells you just how polluting that Blackberry or iPhone in your pocket could be. Here’s a reality check on how mobile phones can actually pollute.

    61% of the world’s population uses a cell phone. That’s around 4.1 billion mobile phones. These phones use around 4,221 mega joules of energy, equivalent to 32 gallons of gas emitting 112 kilograms of CO2. If every charger was left plugged in the whole day, it would waste enough energy to power up 28,000 homes. And to top it all, 140,000,000 cell phones will land up in landfills this year. That’s about 4 phones per second. Recycling all these phones would save enough power to light up 272,000 homes. About time we switch to good old pigeons for communicating.
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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