• The biggest loser amongst them all, colleges across US and Canada

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    Now being the “Biggest Loser” has never been all that great before. We’d probably hide our faces in shame for that. It does depend on what you’ve lost though. For about 40 colleges across the United States and Canada, the “Biggest Loser” title is something impressive. What they’re losing out on here is water and energy use. The colleges are busy trying to cut down on all the energy and water they’ve been using, as part of the Campus Conservation Nationals. The results of their efforts are being flaunted using an online app called Building Dashboard. This helps the colleges compare their results with others around.

    Basically, the contest will judge just how much of energy and water use has been cut down by the colleges over a three week long period. The biggest loser of them all will win some pretty awesome prizes by GBC and clothing vendor Study Like a Champion. Being a loser has never meant so much to the environment before.

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