• Solar powered helipad kit unveiled in Brazil

  • brazil.jpg The Brazilian’s sure know how to land their choppers in an eco-friendly way in some otherwise- inaccessible locations. Very recently, the first solar-helipad kit was unveiled at the Latin American Aero and Defense International Exhibition and Conference on Aerospace and Defense Technology. Using solar energy to power up, this stand-alone wireless helipad light and navigational aid is the first of its kind in the world and was produced jointly by Carmanah Technologies and ADB Airfield Solutions. Packed with ADB wireless solar engine power systems, visual navigation aids and Carmanah wireless solar-powered airfield lighting technology, the system will help defense forces in Latin America access remote and isolated locations, fighting illegal immigration, drug trafficking and other organized crime activities.

    Fully configurable to suit the helipad’s exclusive mission requirements, this kit will sure help the armed forces increase their hold on far-flung locations, with the help of solar energy.
    [UPI] And [Carmanah]

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