• Solar powered Christmas tree stands tall in Albay

  • albay-green-christmas-1.jpg
    Well, even the Eiffel Tower hasn’t had as much attention lately as this awesome 60-foot Christmas tree in Albay. Now it isn’t just any Christmas tree with an angel and a star on top. This one’s powered by energy from the sun! Complete with a viewing deck and stairs, crowds of people have been visiting the Albay Christmas tree, near the Albay Aerodrome. Also, authorities have made sure the tree is safe, with only two people allowed to climb the stairs at a time, while just four people are allowed up on the deck at a given point of time. And this one isn’t fully relied on the grid. So, if ever there needs to be a power cut-off, this lovely tree will glitter bright in the darkness, shedding light powered by the energy from the sun.

    Here’s wishing the Albayano’s a merry green solar powered Christmas!

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on December 13, 2010