• Solar panels crown the roof tops of a fire station in New York

  • West-Sayville’s-fire-station.jpg
    Putting out fires is what the guys at the fire station do, while the unbeatable flame, the burning sun, now powers up their work place. The state’s first solar-powered fire station at West Sayville, New York, is all set to go greener with a lot more solar power and is gearing up for an extension of its solar-energy system. The West Sayville-Oakdale Fire District, as announced by U.S. Representative Steve Israel, will receive funding for a 10-kilowatt solar array that will help reduce the fire station’s electricity bill by a sweet $2,000 per year.

    The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority are funding this project, with help from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. These sustainable energy and energy conservation projects will sure help lower energy costs and at the same time, decrease property taxes too. Greener fire-trucks could help too!

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