• Shenzhen places ban on e-bikes

  • E-Bike China.jpgWe’ve been waving the electric-bike flag for long now. These seem to be a pretty inexpensive way for personal transport that not only remains easy to maintain and use, but also keeps the air clean, with zero emissions. China however, thinks otherwise. In a country with about 500,000 e-bike owners, these clean machines on a pair of wheels are slowly turning into a menace, leading to an astounding number of deaths on a yearly basis. Shenzhen, fed up with e-bikers cutting lanes and leading to road accidents, has banned the use of e-bikes in the province on a trial basis for 6 months, a move that might just inspire other areas in China to adopt the same.

    Well, the move might just save lives in future, though it’s sure to raise the levels of pollution being spewed out of China, one of the most polluting countries on the surface of the earth. We hope the Chinese figure out a sustainable and safe way to travel!

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: on June 22, 2011