• Scotland’s plastic bag ban reduces 650 million bags in the landfill

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    Scotland have exemplified how possible it is for the world to cut down on the usage of plastic bags. Their endeavor took wings when shoppers were compelled to pay 5 pence per bag at stores. It goes without saying that there was not only a drop in the usage of plastic bags but a sharp one. Over 650 million fewer plastic bags were used across Scotland. The money earned from the 5 pence charges amounted to $10 million. This was given away to charitable institutions. Whoever would have thought that plastic brought so much good with it?

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    Thanks to the ban, even user trends saw a major change. Over 80 percent stores reported a drop in the use of plastic bags. The popular grocery chain, Sainsbury’s, decided to eliminate the use of plastic bags altogether, leading to a drop of 100 percent usage in the last one year.
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    [ Via : Inhabitat ]

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