• San Francisco introduces airport carbon kiosks

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    The major contributor to carbon dioxide is from air travel. Whatever offsets are being done is just a small part of the larger solution. San Francisco airport is launching the Climate Passport program that will allow travelers to offset the impact of their travel by air with the help of the airport kiosk. This gives an opportunity for the people to calculate how much will be the impact on the environment if they use air travel and they purchase offsets to address that impact while at the airport. The money that has been collected from this is used for doing projects that have minimal impact on the environment. The offsets for Climate Passport customers, supplied by San Francisco based carbon firm 3Degrees, are currently sourced from the Garcia River Forest, a conservation-based forest management project located in Mendocino County, California. This was a forest that was heavily cut before and now it has been reforested with Redwood and Douglas fir trees. This has helped in absorbing a lot of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A part of the fund will be used to develop local San Francisco carbon reduction projects. These offsets will also help in the planting of urban trees in the city of San Francisco. All travelers can look for this kiosk on both sides of the international terminal and in terminal 3.


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