• Reducing your gas bill now made easier

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    Many families at this time of year are looking to reduce their bills they are dealing with. For many this will mean comparing gas and electricity prices and trying to find a better deal than they are currently on. Be it gas, or electricity, or both, these resources meet many of our day to day tasks, from cooking, cleaning and entertainment.

    By families educating themselves about the products, prices and their own energy needs it puts them in a much stronger situation to be able to reduce their bills. They will know how much they use, what tariffs are open to them and see where they can improve their eco rating.
    For many who have money for a one off investment going green is the answer. Being able to invest in products such as solar panels will be able to reduce the amount of energy required from your utility company. Other ways that can help families use less resources, save money in the long run and help the environment is to replace old appliances for new energy efficient ones. Many of the new products come with an energy rating from A* – G with A* being the best available
    Insulation is often an area that can really help save money and resources. By replacing old insulation or increasing the amount of insulation will decrease the amount of heat lost through the roof. There are a number grants available for home owners who are looking to increase the eco-friendliness of their homes.

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