• Pure radios get green light for energy saver

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    Not just bark but also bite is required when you take the giant leap in making eco-friendly devices and products because it is a serious matter. Pure has hence announced that its Energy Saving Recommended radios are officially certified to use less energy than an energy saving light bulb. Apparently running four Pure Energy Saving Recommended radios will use less electricity than one low energy light bulb on for the same time. Officials of the Energy Saving Trust’s says that an Energy Saving Trust accredited digital radio is the most efficient way to listen to DAB digital radio and we would encourage anyone enjoying the fantastic content that digital radio provides to move across to one of these radios which uses less electricity and is better for the environment.

    If it is green you like to hear then one of these ten Energy Saving Recommended accredited Pure radios would suit your needs – the Move, EVOKE-1S, Siesta, Chronos II, TEMPUS-1S, ONE Mini, ONE Classic, ONE Elite, EVOKE Mio and EVOKE-2S.

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on May 27, 2009