• Prince Charles plans solar panels for his residence, the Clarence House

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    Accused of being a ‘green hypocrite’ for using a private jet to fly to the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit and giving the world a sermon on global warming, Prince Charles has decided to have his place of dwelling go green. The Prince has planned to install solar panels on roof of the 180 year old mansion, the Clarence House in London. These panels are anticipated to fulfill the heating and lighting energy needs of the building. However, officials state that no such modifications will be done if they harm the appearance of the century old building. This change would burn a £150,000 hole in the Prince’s pocket.

    According to Jerry Stokes, president of the firm SunTech Europe, the Prince is excited and eagerly awaits the installation of these solar panels that will enable him to do his part to save our environment. Hopefully, the people of Great Britain look up to this example set by the Prince, and go green themselves.

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