• PepsiCo introduces five fully recyclable and compostable cups

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    With garbage piles forever increasing, companies around the globe are looking for greener alternatives to their products. We’ve had green cups come by from Starbucks before. PepsiCo, in yet another green initiative, has five recyclable and compostable cups on offer for food service customers in the U.S. The cups are ideal for restaurant, theme park, stadium and college use, while selecting the type of cup depends completely on the type of local recycling and composting disposal facilities. The green cups come with fully recyclable clear plastic caps too.

    With this, we hope that a substantial amount of plastic stays away from garbage dumping grounds in the U.S. hats off to PepsiCo on its newest environment-concerned venture.

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on May 18, 2011